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Concussion Protocol
Concussion Regulations

Click here to read more about concussions.

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Trying Out for a High School Sport This Year?

Forms for Athletes

Please read and complete the required forms as indicated below.

Pre-Participation Checklist

Pre-Participation Head Injury/
Concussion Reporting Form

Sportsmanship and Hazing Policies

Emergency/Participation Form

Physical form

How would I know if an athlete may have a concussion?

General information on concussions:

There is information available for specific individuals:

Who needs to participate in a Sports Head Injury and Concussions Awareness Course?

The law says that the following people must participate in this training program: 

·         Coaches
·         Athletic trainers
·         Parent volunteers for any extracurricular athletic activity
·         Physicians employed by the school or who volunteer for any extracurricular athletic activity
·         School nurses or nurses who volunteer for any extracurricular athletic activity
·         Athletic Directors
·         School marching band directors
·         Parents or legal guardians of children who participate in any extracurricular athletic activity.

You can become certified at either of the two online locations: The course takes only 30 minutes to complete

Do parents and athletes have other responsibilities under this law?

Yes.  Students and their parents or legal guardians must provide information to the school regarding any previous sports head injury at the start of each sports season.  The Department of Public will be developing a sample form for this purpose.  In the interim, parents and athletes can be asked to provide this information in a format selected by the school. However, these forms must require the signature of both the student and the parent or legal guardian.  Coaches must receive this information prior to allowing any student to participate in an extracurricular athletic activity so they can identify students who are at greater risk for repeated head injuries.

Click here for additional information published by The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services Department of Public Health for Coaches, Athletic Directors and Parents about the New Law Regarding Sports-Related Head Injury and Concussions: An Act Relative to Safety Regulations for School Athletic Programs.

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