Dropout Prevention



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Attendance Awareness Initiative - attendance and your student's academic performance.

The Care Center - an alternative education program designed to prepare and empower young mothers to embrace their education and create a successful future for themselves and their families.

Pathways to Success Graduation Program

Click here for Pathways to Success Graduation Program Flyer and for contact information.

Holyoke Dropout
Prevention Initiative

Our Dropout Prevention Initiative aims to reduce student dropouts in Holyoke and improve student graduation rates through research and evidence-based solutions.  The district provides various programs, outreach and resources aimed at supporting academic achievement for all students.


We envision a day when
Holyoke Public Schools are Holyoke families’ first choice for their children’s education. 

Our students will: graduate with an additional credential that provides for college and career options; experience success through multiple pathways; think critically and communicate with purpose; value themselves, value others and value being part of the Holyoke community; and lead with Growth Mindset and Self Management.

Our values at HPS include:

Encourage bold thinking

Explore all possibilities for student success

Embrace all students and families as our own

Empower school teams to lead the turnaround

Engage in meaningful feedback


The Dropout Prevention Initiative is designed to provide a comprehensive, research based  prevention/intervention process for Holyoke students at risk of grade retention and/or dropping out of high school.

The Holyoke Public Schools has the following programs and resources that are available to support our students, help them be more successful in school, increase our high school graduation rate and decrease the student dropout rate:

Staff Resources/Support Services
Guidance Counselors
Graduation Coaches
Academic Support—Office Hours
Student Assistance Teams
Academic and MCAS Tutoring
Regularly Scheduled Advisories
College and Career Readiness
Gear Up and Upward Bound Programs
Summer Learning Opportunities

Flexible Credit Recovery/
Retention Options
After School Evening
Saturday Summer
Gateway to College Program

Click here for information about our evening credit recovery/retention option - Pathways to Success Program.

Program Highlights
Online computer based credit recovery/ retention opportunities
Individual learning plans
Professional one-on-one support
Social/ emotional support
Career Counseling

57 Suffolk Street
Holyoke, MA 01040
Phone: (413) 534-2000
Fax: (413) 534-3730