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Early Childhood Program Accreditation from the NAEYC

The Holyoke Public Schools is proud to announce that the following schools earned accreditation from the nation's leading organization of early childhood professionals - NAEYC:


E.N. White




NAEYC, ( National Association for the Education of Young Children) lets families in our community know that children in our program are getting the best care and early learning experiences. By earning accreditation, the Holyoke Public Schools has become a leader in a national effort to raise the quality of early childhood education, and to help give all children a better start.

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To earn NAEYC's accreditation, a program conducts a self-study to determine how will it meets the standards After necessary improvements are made, the program is observed by independent, professional validators, and then reviewed by a national panel. Programs are accredited by NAYEC for a five-year period. All other elementary schools in the district are engaged in self-study with the
goal of attaining accreditation.

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