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The William R. Peck K-8 School became a Full Service Community School (FSCS) in the Fall of 2009. In the Fall of 2013, students and families at Peck were divided onto two campuses and the Peck-Lawrence FSCS opened its doors. The Lawrence Campus houses our K-3 students and the Peck campus houses our 4-8 students. A FSCS is a school that cultivates thoughtful and strategic partnerships in order to support the academic and non-academic aspirations and needs of the students and families it serves. According to the Coalition for Community Schools, a FSCS is “a place where services, supports and opportunities lead to improved student learning, stronger families and healthier communities.”
(Community Schools, Partnerships for Excellence, Retrieved from http://www.communityschools.org).

We know that our families at Peck-Lawrence have hopes and dreams for their children that schools alone cannot fulfill. We also know that our families, our attendance zone, the city of Holyoke and the 5+ college community offer a range of supports and educational opportunities that together, offer the best preparation for our students to achieve academic success and a healthy future.

It is in the spirit of collaboration that Peck sought to begin a data collection and participatory planning process in the Fall of 2008, and it is through the shared vision and combined effort of faculty, parents, the school department, community agencies and the five+ colleges that the Peck-Lawrence Full Service Community School will continue to succeed.

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What is a Full Service Community School?

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