Alyson Lingsch

Alyson Lingsch

Executive Director of School Leadership

In summer 2018, Alyson Lingsch was promoted to a School Supervisor, where she will manage and develop school leaders and their teams across a portfolio of five elementary and middle schools.   Most recently, she has served as the principal of Morgan Full Service Community School under state receivership for the past 4 years. Under her leadership, families and the community rallied together to support our students’ success.  The number of Morgan students scoring proficient or higher on state tests doubled in English Language Arts and quadrupled in Math. Student suspensions also fell by 50%. Her educational philosophy is based on her uncompromising belief that all students can learn, given a positive learning environment, intentional planning by all stakeholders and teaching a demanding and rigorous curriculum.


She began her educational career in the Springfield Public Schools in 2000 as a 4th grade special education teacher. Ms. Lingsch spent six years teaching special education and working as evaluation team leader before accepting her first leadership role as an assistant principal. Over the next four years, Ms. Lingsch served as an assistant principal in a middle school within the Springfield Public Schools. In 2010, Ms. Lingsch was promoted to building principal of the same middle school, and in 2012, Ms. Lingsch was asked to lead a turnaround elementary school.


Ms. Lingsch  received a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary and Special Education from Springfield College in 2000 and her Master’s Degree in Education from UMass in 2003. After many years of teaching, she participated in Project LEAD, an educational leadership program through the Wallace Foundation  to obtain her assistant principal/principal license.

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