PRESS RELEASE: Holyoke Public Schools Awarded $25,000 Parent-Child Home Program Expansion Grant

PRESS RELEASE: Holyoke Public Schools Awarded $25,000 Parent-Child Home Program Expansion Grant


April 13, 2018


HOLYOKE, Massachusetts – Holyoke Public Schools (HPS) received a $25,000 grant for Fiscal Year 2018 from the Department of Early Education and Care, under the Parent-Child Home Program Expansion (PHCP).  The school district was notified by Governor Charlie Baker’s Office this week.


The PCHP Expansion grant, awarded by the Massachusetts Early Education and Care, is intended to provide intensive home visits for children and their families challenged by poverty, low levels of education, language barriers, homelessness, and other obstacles to academic success.  More specifically, this funding supports and strengthens parents’ skills in enhancing their children’s cognitive development and school readiness.


“I am proud to support the Parent-Child Home Program and excited to see it expanded in Holyoke,” said Aaron Vega, Fifth Hampden Representative, Vice Chair Children and Families and Persons with Disabilities. “This family to family outreach is empowering for parents and children and has been a positive factor in increasing literacy in our children’s lives.”


The Holyoke Public Schools (HPS) will expand its PCHP program to nine families in the City of Holyoke; specifically to Kelly School zone families which is adjacent to the Morgan zone where services are currently being delivered.  “We are excited to grow the Parent-Child Program in Holyoke as its impact has been significant in providing our families the skills and knowledge to support their child’s early literacy development,” said Holyoke Public Schools Superintendent/ Receiver Dr. Stephen Zrike, Jr.


The PCHP Expansion award will primarily be used to fund home visiting staff, as well as supplies and materials that will be used in the program.  Because this will essentially be an expansion of duties, the Family Access & Engagement Coordinator and Home Visitors serving in the expansion have been identified, trained, and are ready to reach out to the community to serve families.  Like the current program in place, this expansion will work consistently with community-based organizations to identify families who are in the greatest need.


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