Enroll your student today at Holyoke High School!

Enroll your student today at Holyoke High School!

Enroll your high school student today and join us at the following events!


Students at Holyoke High School receive an in-depth, well-rounded MassCore aligned high school education that prepares them for college, career, and community leadership.  In addition, our redesign plan provides students with exposure to a wide array of college and career opportunities through theme-based academies in the area of their emerging interests. Community-based learning opportunities, internships and job shadows, and experiences in the field offer valuable opportunities for our students to learn about potential career pathways and explore their interests while receiving the essential foundations for academic success.

Holyoke High School North (grades 9-12) and Holyoke High School Dean Campus (grades 9-12) manage their own application and enrollment process.


Please note that Holyoke High School Dean Campus has special eligibility requirements.

Contact or visit the school campuses for more information and application packets:


We hope you can join us at the following events to learn more about the high school experience:

All students, families, and community members are welcome to join any of the tours that we will be offering to current HPS middle school students. The tours will run twice per day from 9:50-11:20 AM and then again from 11:40 AM – 1:10 PM on Wednesdays 2/6, and 2/13.  These visits are part of the transition work that is done to help students decide which campus is the best fit for them. Students will be given a tour of the campuses, hear about the high school experience from a student panel, and learn about the opportunities at the high school level. Students will also learn about and experience the vocational shops and academies at the campuses.


If you are looking for a smaller group to tour with then either session on 2/6 would be ideal. Please reach out to Meghan Harrison mharrison@hps.holyoke.ma.us or assistant principal Lori McKenna at lmkenna@hps.holyoke.ma.us to join one of the scheduled tours or to schedule a separate visit.  Visit our district Facebook page for photos of the January 30th tour of the Dean Campus.


What else should you know?


In February and March, school counselors will be visiting local parochial schools and will distribute course selection/registration materials.

From March-May, out-of-district students are invited to set up a “Shadow Day”.  Our first available dates are 3/12 and 3/15. Please reach out to Marilyn Sanabria – msanabria@hps.holyoke.ma.us to coordinate a “Shadow Day” for your child.

During May and June, incoming students and families will be able to set up individual scheduling appointments with counselors to complete registration paperwork and submit course selections.  (This should be coordinated through counseling office secretary – Marilyn Sanabria).


Would you like to receive district updates and information via email?


Please send your contact information and the reason for interest (local resident, potential high school student, etc.) to Marilyn Sanabria at msanabria@hps.holyoke.ma.us.