HHS Final Examination Schedule and Guidelines 

HHS Final Examination Schedule and Guidelines 

Final Examination Schedule and Guidelines 

Schedule for North Campus, Schedule for Dean Campus, and Guidelines & Policies are Below

SCHEDULE OVERVIEWExams: June 11-14 | Makeups: Any exam day afternoons and/or during the mornings of June 17-18.


North Campus Schedule

Tuesday, June 11–DROP B Day WEDNESDAY BELL SCHEDULE with Blocks A-F (Drop B) until we get to the G Block exam period

Period Day B (Drop B)
Homeroom 8:10–8:19
Period 1 8:22-9:12 Class A
Period 2 9:15-10:05 Class C
Period 3 10:08-10:58 Class D
Period 4

*Lunch Block

1st – 11:01-11:28

2nd – 11:31-11:58

3rd – 12:01-12:28

Class E
Period 5 12:31-1:16 Class F

Wed, June 12-Fri, June 14

Time Wed, June 12 Thur, June 13 Fri, June 14
8:10-8:19 Home Room
8:22-9:50 A Block C Block E Block
9:55-11:22 B Block D Block F Block
Dismissal & Bagged Lunch Pick-up in Cafeteria: 11:25-11:45

Mon, June 17-Wed, June 19 Makeup Days

All makeups will take place in the library and classes will meet as outlined below to wrap up the year, celebrate, pack up rooms, etc.

  • Teachers, please give a copy of your exam with the student’s name and block who needs to make it up and deliver it to Ellen Stein in the library.  Exams will be proctored by senior teachers and support staff. Students who need accommodations will be proctored by Special Education staff
  • All other students will report to their classes as follows


           Time Mon, June 17 Tues, June 18 Wed, June 19
8:10-8:19 Home Room
8:22-9:12 Period A Period D Period G
9:15-10:05 Period B Period E Period A
10:08-10:58 Period C Period F Period B
Bagged Lunch Pickup–11:00

Dismissal- 11:15



Dean Campus Final Examination Schedule


Tuesday, June 11, 2019-

  • We will start with C Period on Tuesday, June 11th to allow for A Period exam to take place at the end of the day. This will remain a drop Bday.
  • CTE Teachers have the option of using E Period exam slot as a review period and will administer the mid-term during  F & G period exam slot.


Homeroom 7:45-7:54
Period 1 – 7:57- 8:54 Class C
Period 2 – 8:57-9:55 Class D
Period 3 – 9:58-10:55 Class E
Period 4 – 10:58-11:52 Class F
Lunch        11:55-12:25
Period 5 – 12:31-1:11 Class G


Wed, June 12-Fri, June 14

           Time Wed, June 12 Thur, June 13 Fri, June 14
7:45-7:54 Home Room
7:57-9:20 Period B Period D Period F
9:30-10:45 Period C Period E Period G
Lunch- 10:50- 11:10

Dismissal- 11:10


Mon, June 17-Wed, June 19 Makeup Days

All makeups will take place in the Tea Room and will be supervised by an identified staff member.


           Time Mon, June 17 Tues, June 18 Wed, June 19
7:45-7:54 Home Room
8:57-9:55 Students Report to Shop End of Year Event! Students report to Shop
10:25 -11:00 Report to lunch Report to
*Schedule will be designed by Teams.  All students will report to their shop, game plan with academic and specialist teachers will happen on Monday during the first 45 min.  More info to come this week. If student misses Final, they should plan on coming between 11:00-12:00 on final days. Students must have their own transportation.  


Guidelines and Policies: A quality final assessment should include discrete content knowledge and a demonstration of conceptual knowledge and application of key habits and skills, including close reading and writing to sources.


Exam Design & Sharing. Please discuss exam best practices with your department, and ensure you

  • Align questions to standards and use the exam as a formative tool for 2nd-semester instruction
  • Include a balance of question types so students demonstrate key knowledge and skills
  • Plan in advance for accommodations and communicate with Case Managers
  • Reorder questions, adjust prompts or have two  versions of exams for different class sections to protect exam integrity
  • Share your exam with your department chair and load into your department lesson plan folder


Accommodations. Most special educators will not give exams and will instead provide smaller settings and accommodations for students in designated spaces.  

  • Specific instructions will be shared in the weeks prior to the exams
  • Teachers will send a list of students in need of accommodations to the Special Ed Director who will coordinate room placements with Case Managers
  • Special educators will also be able to proctor when students need extra time or for makeups during other exams or in the afternoon, as they will not have their own exams to assess


Make-Ups. Individual students need to schedule make-ups with the teacher of the class affected. Students may

  • Make arrangements (if workable for the teacher) to take the exam during another slot when they do not have an exam scheduled
  • Stay after dismissal on exam days and take the exam while the teacher assesses other exams. Students are responsible for their own transportation unless extenuating circumstances (medical, other) exist
  • Stay after and take the exam in a separate space with a special educator as proctor
  • During finals, specific makeup days are included the following week


Projects vs Exams. In some cases, classes may have projects instead of exams. If this is your plan, please address the following:

  • First check with grade level peers to ensure students have a balance of exams and projects, to adequately prepare them for the college exam environment
  • Projects should be rigorous and integrate discrete knowledge, concepts, and skills
  • The exam slot should be used to present, critique/provide feedback and celebrate project work


Exam Exemptions. These have been allowed through the Renaissance program for students with strong grades, attendance, and work habits. The program will continue with Ingrid Vega’s support as Renaissance Coordinator.


  • Renaissance Coordinator creates list of qualifying students and manages, tracks and communicates It is teacher discretion to determine whether the student has met the qualifying criteria for that course
  • Qualifying Characteristics:
  • Platinum Status earns students up to 2 exemptions if they have a 4.0 GPA and course grade of 93% or better with no more than 2 unexcused absences and 1 tardy and 1 dismissal with no course withdrawals or disciplinary referrals
  • Gold Status earns students 1 exemption if they have a 3.0 GPA and course grade of 93% or better with no more than 2 unexcused absences and 1 tardy and 1 dismissal with no course withdrawals or disciplinary referrals