Important Transportation Information

Important Transportation Information

Important Information from our Transportation Department

Have you moved this year?

It is very important that the student assignment office has updated information for you and your family.  If you have moved over the last year please make sure to contact the student assignment office to ensure that they have your correct address on file. 


When will bus schedules be posted to the website?

Families should expect to see regular routes posted on our website by August 20th. Please visit our transportation webpage for important information about transportation.  This year we have posted a transportation guide for families that we hope is helpful in understanding the transportation policy, procedures, and expectations.  


What else do I need to know?

For Special Education students that have transportation in their IEP, we expect families to be ready to load your student on the bus within an hour of the regular school start times.  Please keep in mind that the first week of school only includes grades 1-12 and will begin on August 27th. Kindergarten and Pre-k begin on September 4th which could impact your child’s pick up and drop off times.  Please visit our Calendars, Bell times, and Events webpage for a list of all start times.  Please remember that the District provides transportation to 1 pick up address and 1 drop off address for the entire week.  We will be picking up and dropping off at the residence that we have on file for your family. If there is a different pickup or drop off for your child, you will have to come to the student assignment office to fill out the proper paperwork that will ensure that we have the correct address on file.  Until all of school is in full session we will not stabilize exactly what the route pick up and drop off times are. Once the 4th week of school is in the books you should be able to rely on a consistent pickup and drop off time for your child.  


What’s new and exciting – An App?

We are happy to announce that we are currently working on securing an app that parents will be able to sign up for that will allow you to track where your student’s/students’ bus is at all times during the run.  We hope that this improvement will give families real-time information when busses are not on schedule. Please keep in mind that this is only for students riding on either big or minibuses with Durham and that this will require you to sign up for this service.  Please stop by the transportation department at central office to sign up. Ask for Denise Rodriguez and she can help get you set up after confirming some information about your child or children.


Questions? Contact Our Transportation Hotline…

The District has established a transportation hotline.  If you have any questions about transportation please contact our transportation hotline at (413) 512-5328.

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