HHS Car Parade through Holyoke on Wednesday April 22nd between 3:00-4:00 PM

HHS Car Parade through Holyoke on Wednesday April 22nd between 3:00-4:00 PM

Holyoke High School staff will be participating in a car parade on April 22nd

Participating HHS staff will drive through neighborhoods with megaphones, celebratory music, and poster decorations of Holyoke Pride on our cars.

Please Note

If the street is named, it does not necessarily mean we will be traveling along the WHOLE street, but at least part of it. It’s also unsure exactly what point between 3 and 4 we will be on the named streets. People leaving the confines of their homes to catch the parade should follow social distancing guidelines.

Parade Route Information


Route 1:

Main St.
Cabot St.
Clemente St.
Adams St.
So. Bridge St.
So. Canal St.
Jackson St.
So. Summer St.
Appleton St.
Bowers St.
Samosett St.
West St.
Mosher St.
Center St.
No. East St.
Canal St.
Lyman St.
Maple St.
Sargeant St.
Franklin St.
Chestnut St.
Elm St.
Walnut St.
Pine St.
Route 2:
Beech St.
Carter St.
Sycamore St.
Cabot St.
Locust St.
West Franklin St.
Resnic Blvd.
South St.
Parenteau Dr.
Davis St.
Kaster St.
Chapin St.
Brown Ave.
Laurel St.
Northampton St.
Florence Ave.
Hillside Ave.
Brookline Ave.
Ridgewood Ave.
Westfield Rd.
Michigan Ave.
Downing Ave.
Huron Ave.
Eerie Ave.
Arden St.
Homestead Ave.
Hitchcock St.
Martin St.
Longwood Ave.
Whiting Farms Rd.
Farnum Dr.
Tokeneke Rd.
Route 3:
Hampden St.
Northampton St.
Dwight St.
Oak St.
Sargeant St.
St. Jerome Ave.
Shawmut Ave.
Lynwood Ave.
St. James Ave.
Easthampton Rd.
Old Jarvis Ave.
Jarvis Ave.
Leary Dr.
Gerard Way
Bemis Rd.
Vadnais St.
George St.
Jefferson St.
Dartmouth St.
Pleasant St.
Beacon Ave.
Lincoln St.
Nonotuck St.
Fairfield Ave.
Morgan St.
Elliot St.
Lexington Ave.
Madison Ave.
Route 4:
Apremont Hwy.
McGinnis Ave.
Coronet Ave.
Sun Valley Rd.
Dupuis Rd.
County Rd.
Holly Meadow Rd.
Pheasant Dr.
Cranberry Dr.
Bayberry Dr.
Applewood Ln.
Blossom Ln.
Sequoia Dr.
Acorn Rd.
Cypress Rd.
Southampton Rd.
Labrie Ln.
Cross Rd.
Mountain Rd.
Rock Valley Rd.