Class of 2020 Pa’lante Peer Leaders and Student Ambassadors

Class of 2020 Pa’lante Peer Leaders and Student Ambassadors

We are happy to take a moment to celebrate our members of the class of 2020 for their commitment and dedication as Pa’lante Peer Leaders and Student Ambassadors. Thank you for your contributions to HHS!

Pa’lante Peer Leaders

The following members of the Class of 2020 have been Pa’lante Peer Leaders: Alyzza Fontanez, Amy Bonilla, Christian Avendano, Reylon Rivera, Jose Roman, Carlos “Speedy” Dallieth Torres, Thaylianiz Garcia, Jeyleen Troche Rivera, Jesmuel Concepcion, Zaiell Vargas, David Schipper Perez.

Student Ambassadors

Class of 2020 Student Ambassadors supported our 8th-grade students as they explored the different opportunities for ninth grade. They visited 8th-grade classrooms and shared their experiences and advice and hosted the 8th-graders at the high school campuses when they came for a visit. North Campus Student Ambassadors include: Christiaan Boria, Nate Canata, Aiden Consedine, Jordan Dudas, Gaby Fernandez, Alyzza Fontanez, Melina Garcia, Selena Garcia Rodriguez, Yaelisa Heredia, Acadia Joniec, Brandon McKenna, Ravi Patel, Shivani Ramraykha, Jose Roman, Jack Shea, Lauryn Wresien. Dean Campus Student Ambassadors include: Daisha Heredia, Genesis Rodriguez, Norangely Andaluz, Zachary Rothus, Rebecca Jiminez, Mileishka Berrios Roman