Annual Culture and Climate Surveys – (Panorama Surveys)

Annual Culture and Climate Surveys – (Panorama Surveys)

The Holyoke Public School district is administering our annual survey for families, students and staff using the Panorama Culture and Climate Survey. The survey information will inform our improvement efforts at the school and district level, as we work together to be families’ first choice for their children’s education. The 2021 survey window is February 22nd – March 12th, 2021. Before March 12th, we ask that parents and guardians take 2 minutes to complete a survey for each school in which you have a child attending. The survey will be sent to you via text and email on February 22nd.

Students will also be completing a survey. They will receive instructions from their teachers on how to access the survey which will be administered during the school day.

All staff will receive an email directly from Panorama Education on February 22nd requesting feedback.

Panorama surveys measure the culture and climate of our district and we need your input to continue to strengthen our school and district improvement efforts.

Please complete the surveys by March 12th!

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