Dear Families, Partners, and Colleagues,

Our celebration of National Career and Technical Education month continues this week with some exciting news to share: More than 140 interested students have already applied for enrollment in career, vocational, and technical education (CVTE) programs at Holyoke High School’s Dean Campus for Fall 2022. Dean has not seen this much interest in its programs since 2017, and never have so many students applied this early in the year. This interest is a reflection of the district’s investments in recent years to improve Dean’s culture, teaching quality, and shops, while also instituting an admissions policy.

Beginning next school year, Dean will offer an A/B alternating week schedule, following approval from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) to make the change. To ensure a successful transition to the new A/B schedule, Dean will offer a pilot of the revised schedule later this spring.

In addition to the schedule change for the next school year, Dean will also require students to pass all four years of vocational programming as well as a two-year College and Career Readiness course sequence in grades 9 and 10 in order to graduate. These changes support the already rigorous program of study that Dean offers, which includes passing MCAS, math, English language arts, science courses, physical education, history, required English-as-a-second language courses, exploratory and final vocational programs.

If this sounds like a lot—it is! Despite the persisting stereotypes of what a vocational education entails, the truth is Dean’s vocational students must meet all the regular graduation requirements that every high school student must meet in addition to the rigorous technical education requirements specific to their chosen field of study.

For students interested in enrolling at Dean for the fall, the digital application is open now. And everyone who wants to know more about what it’s like to be a student at Dean should check out this video that offers an inside look at Dean’s Diesel shop.

This week’s Holyoke Update includes the following:

  • Eighth graders tour North and Dean to prepare for high school in the fall
  • City Council to consider a new middle school feasibility study
  • Kindergarten enrollment; preschool and dual-language lotteries
  • Is the dual language program right for your child?
  • Dean Santiago named new transportation manager
  • Diesel Technology program provides high-tech training
  • Survey seeks input on Translation & Interpretation Services
  • Employment opportunities
  • Cone of Excellence awarded to Heidi Salmela Ramoth, ABL Paraprofessional, EN White School
  • COVID-19 updates
  • Holyoke High School North
  • Holyoke High School Dean Campus
  • College Counseling
  • Athletics
  • Events calendar


Mr. Anthony Soto, Superintendent/Receiver

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