Holyoke Public Schools Media Center
500 Beech Street
Holyoke, MA 01040

Phone: (413) 493-1605

Hours: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM


Jennie Oesterreicher, Director of Communications

Mike Hines, HPS Media Center Director

Andrés Villada, Communications Manager 


The HPS Communications Department supports internal and external communications of the Holyoke Public School District and sets the guidelines for all communications to consistently articulate Holyoke Public Schools’ mission and core values to families, staff, partners and stakeholders.  

The communications department maintains the following district communications platforms: Channel 12 TV, The Holyoke Update, press releases, bulletin board messaging, event streaming, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube) and the district’s annual Connections District Brochure.

If you would like to be added to the Holyoke Update or Connections distribution lists, email Communications Manager Andrés Villada at

Media in our Schools

Media in our Schools

Holyoke Public Schools welcomes members of the media into our schools and strives to provide accurate and timely information whenever possible. The HPS Communications Department should be the first point of contact for all media inquiries about the district.

  • Interviewing School Leaders and Staff: HPS leaders and staff are knowledgeable about a wide range of educational strategies and trends, as well as district and school-level programs, activities and policies. If you would like to schedule an interview, please contact Jennie Oesterreicher, Director of Communications at or (413) – 493-1605 so we can help you find the correct resource for your story and help you schedule an interview.
  • Visiting Schools: The HPS Communications Department will also help you schedule on-site visits and school-based interviews.  to ensure that your visit is successful. When requesting a school-based visit or interview, please suggest several dates and times if possible, as all of our schools participate in early dismissal days, standardized testing and school-wide events that may prohibit your visit on a specific day. 

Interviewing, Photographing and/or Filming Students: It is imperative that members of the media work with the HPS Communications Department to ascertain in advance whom they may photograph, film and/or interview. HPS operates in compliance with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, which allows students and their parents to opt them out of the release of certain information, including photographs and video images. The HPS Communications Department will work with each school to determine who can and who cannot be photographed,filmed or interviewed, based on student and family FERPA permissions.


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Policy on Flyers

The Holyoke Public Schools generally does not permit distribution of flyers or other Non-School Sponsored Literature* to students if a fee is charged for any referenced services or events. However, the Director of Communications may be able to help secure an exception if the participation fee is $5 or less, or if fee waivers or scholarships are offered based on financial need.

Advance written authorization must be granted before HPS will post or distribute any information from outside organizations to students or their families, based on the following process:

  • Only materials from school-related, non-profit organizations will be considered for approval.
  • Such materials must be approved or disapproved each time distribution is requested.
  • An exact copy of the materials to be posted or distributed in both English and Spanish should be emailed to the Superintendent’s Executive Assistant Samantha Garcia at along with specific details about the intended audience and the requested method for posting or distributing.
  • Organizations should allow at least five business days for approval or denial.
  • If the request is approved, the district will provide a formal Letter of Permission that the requesting organization can share with the appropriate school or communications staff responsible for posting or distributing the approved materials.
  • Organizations are responsible for copying, bundling and delivering any approved materials to schools for distribution.
    1. All flyers to be posted/distributed must include the following disclaimer:

    The (Insert program name) is not a program or event sponsored by the Holyoke Public Schools. The District has neither reviewed nor approved the program, personnel, activities, or organizations announced in this flyer. Permission to post/distribute this flyer should not be considered a recommendation or endorsement by the District. Although approving posting/distribution of this information, the District does not assume responsibility for the content or activities described herein.

This information reflects School Committee Policy File: KHC – DISTRIBUTION OF FLYERS

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