Non-Attendance School Zone

Attending a School Outside of your Zone

Assignment to a School Outside of your Zone

Families that face demonstrable hardships or challenges to attend their assigned zone school(s) may submit a Zone Appeal form throughout the school year or the summer. Fill out the form online at HPS may request additional information to document a family’s particular challenge or hardship. Families with an approved Zone Appeal are responsible for transporting students to school on time every day. Please know that the assignment to your preferred school outside of your zone is not guaranteed. HPS reserves the right to revoke a zone appeal and assign the student back to their school zone due to attendance, discipline, or other placement issues. The Assignment Zone Appeal is NOT available for PK.


Zone Appeals


Zone Appeals are approved only in special cases of extraordinary hardships that may warrant a particular student attending a school outside their Attendance Zone, for example:

  1. Need to keep siblings together in one school because of a sibling having been assigned to a particular school by HPS
  2. The family’s address is close to the border of another school zone and walking to the school zone of origin represents a challenge

The Appeals Committee is responsible for making a recommendation for the approval or denial of the appeal. Call the Student Enrollment & Family Empowerment Center at 413-534-2000, “option 1” if you need help filling out the application, or require additional information.