Nonresident Tuition Application

Nonresident Tuition Application (Chapter 74 Vocational Technical Education)

An application is to be filed  for a student who has been admitted, or is being considered for admission, to a specific Chapter 74-approved vocational technical education program outside of his/her district of residence for which his/her city or town of residence may be required to pay tuition. The official list of Chapter 74-approved vocational technical education programs is contained in the Chapter 74 Vocational Technical Education Program Directory.

Click here for The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Guidelines for the Vocational Technical Education Program Nonresident Student Tuition Process Pursuant to M.G.L. c. 74. The Guidelines provide important information about the nonresident tuition process and should be reviewed by all families considering this option.

Chapter 74 Vocational Technical Education.

You can access the Nonresident Tuition Application below.

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