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Fiscal Year 2019 Budget (PDF)

The Holyoke Public Schools recommended the budget for the 2019 fiscal year of $95.4 million represents an increase of $5 million from FY 2018. Included in this increase is 1-time revenue of $3 million which primarily consist of hurricane relieve funding for students that came to HPS after hurricane Maria. This budget was designed with our district vision, values, and priorities at the forefront so that we can deliver on our promise to be the first educational choice for Holyoke families by designing multiple pathways where all students graduate prepared to excel in college, career and community leadership. As part of our turnaround efforts over the next three years, we have established four improvement areas: Instructional Leadership, Management and Operations, Family and Community Engagement and Professional Culture- each with a series of priorities that will drive our work on behalf of students and families in Holyoke.

We appreciate the continued support of our educators, School Committee members, Mayor Morse, elected officials, Holyoke taxpayers and our families. We also appreciate the continued support necessary to provide our young people of Holyoke with the educational experience they deserve.

Fiscal Year 2018 Budget (PDF)

The recommended budget for the 2018 fiscal year of $90.4 million represents a decrease of ($509,262) from FY 2017. This budget was thoughtfully developed to allow us to deliver on our promise to be Holyoke families’ first choice for their child’s education and is true to our vision statement, values and priorities as a school system.  Our investments last year and this year support the following five priorities: high quality instruction for  all; personalized pathways; engaged students, family and community; an effective and thriving workforce; and a system of empowered schools.

Fiscal Year 2017 Budget (PDF)

Holyoke Public Schools is proud to present our annual operating budget. The FY 2017 budget is balanced and it achieves the Receiver’s commitment to allocate resources into the classroom. Through the strong collaborative effort of District leaders and innovative decision-making, our District can present an honest budget that puts children first. For FY 2017, the Receiver will adopt a $90.9 million general fund budget, representing a 1.1% increase over FY 2016. The District strives to achieve a budget proposal that coincides with its mission, vision, and core values, with the ultimate goal of student achievement in mind. Please note that all of the numbers presented in this budget were based on updated assumptions in the Senate Ways and Means Budget. Therefore, there is a difference between what the City Council total appropriation for the School Department was and what is being presented in this budget document. For a reconciliation of those differences please see the appendix on page 92.

Fiscal Year 2016 Budget is available upon request to the HPS Finance and Operations Department.

Anthony Soto
Chief of Finance and Operations

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