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09/21/2020SC PACKET 9-21-2020Regular-9-21-2020.pdf
08/17/2020School Committee Packet 8/17/2020 Live Spanish Translation:
06/15/2020BUDGET DOCUMENT & MEETING AGENDASAgenda for Public Hearing on FY21 School Dept. Budget; FY2021 School Department Budget document; Regular Meeting Packet for 6/15/2020 School Committee Meeting
04/27/2020Meeting Packet and Minutes of Previous MeetingsBroadcast live on and on Community Access Channel 12SC-PACKET-4-27-2020.pdf
03/30/2020School Committee Packet & AgendaSC-PACKET-3-30-2020.pdf
03/30/2020Minutes of 3/30/2020REGULAR-3-30-2020-MINUTES.pdf
02/10/2020Minutes of 2/10/2020REGULAR-2-10-2020.pdf
01/07/2020Meeting PacketSpecial-1-7-2020.pdf
01/07/2020Minutes - Organizational Meeting and Regular Meeting of 1-7-2020
12/16/2019Regular Meeting PacketRegular-Meeting-12-16-19.pdf
10/21/2019Regular Meeting Packet 10-21-19and draft minutes from 8-16-19 meetingRegular-Meeting-10-21-19.pdf
10/21/2019Minutes of 10/21/19 Regular Meeting of the School CommitteeRegular-10-21-19.docx
09/16/2019Regular Meeting PacketRegular-Meeting-of-9-16-19.pdf
09/16/2019Minutes of Regular Meeting of 9/16/19REGULAR-9-16-19.docx
08/19/2019Meeting Packet & minutes from meetings of 5-20-19 & 6-17-19Regular-Meeting-packet-8-19-19.pdf
08/19/2019Minutes of Regular Meeting of 8/19/19REGULAR-8-19-19.docx
06/17/2019Regular Meeting packet and Minutes from previous meeting.FY 2020 School Department Budget
06/17/2019Minutes 6-17-19 Public Hearing on FY20 Budget & Regular Meeting
05/20/2019Regular Meeting PacketRegular-5-20-19.pdf
05/20/2019Minutes of Regular Meeting of 5/20/19REGULAR-5-20-19-minutes.docx
04/22/2019Minutes of Regular Meeting of 4-22-19REGULAR-4-22-19.docx
02/11/2019Regular MeetingRegular-2-11-19.pdf
02/11/2019Minutes of Regular Meeting of February 11, 2019REGULAR-2-11-19.docx
01/08/2019Minutes of Organizational Meeting of 1-8-19ORG-1-8-19.docx
12/17/2018Minutes of Regular Meeting of 12-17-18Regular-12-17-18.docx
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