Central Office Personnel

The Central Office phone number is 413-534-2000, please see extensions below.

AndersonWhitneyx1670Finance & Operations - MaintenanceMaintenance Administrator
AnnearValerie x1400AcademicChief Instructional Officer
ArroyoLymarix1606Finance & Operations - FinanceAccount Clerk – State & Federal Grants
BeebeEmilyx1661Finance & Operations - DataData Analyst
BorrasMariax1506Human ResourcesHuman Resources Generalist
RiveraAidax1104Family & Community Engagement
BrandtTarax1402AcademicDirector of Mathematics
CarboneCynthia x1221Pupil Services - NursingDirector of Health, Wellness, and Nursing
ChavezPatriciax1430AcademicDirector - Early Childhood
CurranKellyx1503Human ResourcesHuman Resource Manager
CurrierMariannex1209Pupil Services - Special EducationChief of Pupil Services
SeymourTammyx1303Pupil Services - Special EducationDirector of Special Education Programming
DayAnnex1403AcademicDirector of ESL and Bilingual Education
DeJesusMariax1102Family & Community EngagementClerk
DiazJoeilysx1410AcademicLanguage Assessment Specialist
Rivera BarresiMarisolx1207Pupil Services - Special EducationStudent Support Director
SaletnikErikax1507Finance & Operations - FinanceFinancial Analyst
EscaleraJacquelinex1209Pupil Services - Special EducationAdministrative Assistant
BuhlMickeyx1600Finance & Operations - FinanceExecutive Assistant to the CFOO
MonzonLisax1212Pupil Services - Special EducationSpecial Education Analyst
ClaytonLinnettex1211Pupil Services - Special EducationTranslator
GageBethX1500Human ResourcesChief of Talent
GarciaSamanthax1300Superintendent's OfficeExecutive Assistant to the Superintendent
DeLeon-BermudezSharinax1200Pupil Services - Special EducationOut of District ETL
GonzalezJenniferx1140Family & Community EngagementHomeless Educational Coordinator
HarrisBrianx1680Finance & Operations - FacilitiesFacilities Manager
HotlineFamily x1110Family & Community EngagementExternal Hotline
HuculSusanx1421AcademicDirector of ELA and Humanities
Jett-ThompsonBettyx1604Finance & Operations - FinanceAccount Clerk – Accounts Payable
KubalaAmandax1662Finance & Operations - DataData Analyst
KuzmeskasMatthewx1701Finance & Operations - TechnologyExecutive Director of Technology and Operations
LafondElizabethx1400AcademicExec. Assist to CAO & Sec. to School Committee
LambRebecca x1101Family & Community EngagementEnrollment Center Manager
LinvilleErinx1302Superintendent's OfficeChief of Strategy and Turnaround
MacklinMichellex1404AcademicManager of Extended Learning
MagnoliaNicholasx1213Pupil Services - Special EducationManager of Translation and Interpreting
MalaveJennyx1660Finance & Operations - DataManager of Data Services
ManijakBrianx1610Finance & OperationsMessenger
MurdzaPatriciax1505Human ResourcesClerk - Benefits
Noel-LabieniecChristopherx1605Finance & Operations - FinanceFinancial Analyst
MercedesKarinax1502Human Resources
Noel LabieniecChristopherx1620Finance & Operations - PayrollPayroll Specialist
OpenOpen x1409
OpenOpen x1603
Ortiz-NievesDorisx1420AcademicClerk – English Language Education (ELE)
PaganAwildax1602Finance & Operations - FinanceAccount Manager
PooleKelsey x1801Pupil Services - Transitions ProgramTransitions Specialist
PowellCherynx1608Finance & Operations - FinanceBudget Director
RamosMarilynx1203Pupil Services - Special EducationTranslator
RoblesEdgarx1130Family & Community EngagementAttendance Officer
RocheVirginiax1100Family & Community EngagementClerk
RodgriuezLysselx1621Finance & Operations - PayrollPayroll Specialist
SantiagoDeanx1640Finance & Operations - TransportationTransportation Director
RojasGisellex1204Pupil ServicesDirector of Student Support Services
SantiagoYajaira x1650Finance & Operations - Food ServicesFood Service Manager
SerranoRosalindx1504Human ResourcesHuman Resources Generalist
SmithAmandax1607Finance & Operations - FinanceFinancial Analyst
SotoAnthonyx1600Finance & OperationsChief of Finance and Operations
StevensonAlexandrax1103Family & Community EngagementClerk
ViveirosTimx1651Finance & Operations - Food ServicesDirector of Food Services Contract
WestTiarrax1609Finance & Operations - FinanceFinancial Analyst
Noel LabieniecChristopherx1620Finance & Operations - PayrollPayroll Specialist
x1300Superintendent's OfficeSuperintendent
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