Culture and Climate Surveys

Again this year, the Holyoke Public Schools is using the Panorama Culture and Climate survey tool to gather feedback from our students, staff, and families.

The 2020 survey window has been closed.  Thank you for your participation.

These survey responses inform our improvement efforts at the school and district level, as we work together to be families’ first choice for their children’s education. 

Survey Results from last year indicate that as a district we have a lot to celebrate 

  • Some highlights include:  the highest staff (78%) and student (74%) participation rates and second highest number of family surveys (1,568) completed in the last four years.
  • This means we are hearing from a majority of voices.  We would like to share a special shout out to the Peck and Lawrence families; more than half responded to the survey!
  • As a district, we saw an overall improvement in most categories, indicating that we are on the right path.
  • Visit the Panorama website and Choose the Holyoke icon to view last year’s district results and the Schools icon to view individual school results.


We are particularly encouraged by:

  • Families feeling that the school provides programming and opportunities to learn how to support children’s learning at home
  • The majority of families indicating that they meet or communicate via email or text with their child’s teacher at least monthly
  • More students feeling safe in their classroom (6-pt increase to 74% in grades 3-5 and 5-pt increase to 75% in grades 6-12) and around school
  • Stronger relationship building, especially in grades 3-5, with more students feeling that their teachers encourage them to do their best
  • More students in grades 6-12 feeling that teachers are excited to teach their classes, especially since this was a growth area last year


We still have room for improvement, including:

  • Ensuring that our students have access to books and materials that reflect our families’ cultural backgrounds
  • Ensuring that our efforts to personalize learning opportunities for students, such as through the theme-based academies in high school, STEM in middle school and dual language in elementary school, translate to students being interested and excited about their classes
  • Continuing to ensure that students who need additional support are able to receive it


This input and feedback about our schools and district are critical to ensuring that we adapt and refine our strategy and implementation.  Thank you for your continued engagement and please know that surveys are just one way we collect feedback. Please reach out to us with questions and suggestions throughout the year!   

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