Dean Technical High School Operational Plan

Dean Technical High School Operational Plan 


Student Schedule

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri Wed
Start Time(1) 7:45 7:45
End Time(2) 2:30 1:40

(1) Start time is defined as the start of the student day.    Students may be allowed in the building prior to this, in order to get to the classroom.

(2) End time is defined as the end of the student day.  It is dismissal.

Note: There are no additional early releases besides the 50-min early release on Wednesdays.



None.  Our school follows the HPS calendar.


Teacher Schedule

Actual Schedule (Include all scheduled time outside of the student learning day; this includes entry/dismissal, collaboration, staff meetings, etc.

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
Student day 7:45-2:30 7:45-2:30 7:45-1:40 7:45-2:30 7:45-2:30
Co-planning 35 min 1x/week, teacher chooses the day and before school or after school
Office hours 45 min 1x/week after school
Extended collaboration block 1:40-4:00


Accounting for the Time

Category Length of Time per Session Frequency Total Time Per Year Notes/Details/Dates
Student day 6.75 hours 140 945 hrs Regular day, 4 days per week
Student day 5.92 hours 40 237 hrs Early release 1 day per week
District PD days 6.62 hours 6 39.70 hrs 8/24, 8/25, 8/28, 11/7, 1/2, 3/19
School PD days 6.62 hours 3 19.85 hrs 1 on 8/23; 2 at teacher discretion; 1 spread across year for extended collaboration
Office hours 0.75 hours 40 30.00 hrs 45 min 1 day per week
Co-planning 0.75 hours 40 30.00 hrs 35 min 1 day per week
Extended collab. 2 hrs 20 min 40 93.33 hrs 2 hrs 20 min 1 day per week
1392 hours TOTAL HOURS



Please note whether any teachers have alternative schedules.



Dean Tech Paraprofessional Time


Typical Schedule

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
Start Time 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30
End Time 2:40 2:40 1:50 2:40 2:40

The schedule above includes 15 min before student day and 10 min after student day to support with student arrival and departure.


*We may seek to adjust minutes per day to allow for a 20-30 minute collaboration time on Wed early release day for paraprofessionals with the teachers with whom they work.  We will examine this possibility with paraprofessionals and teachers.



3 It is encouraged that paraprofessionals be included in collaboration when possible.

4 High school paraprofessionals work 35 hours per week.

5 School leaders are allowed to stagger paraprofessional schedules, assuming students’ needs and IEPs are met, and that paras can participate in at least 45 min per week of collaboration.



Please note whether any paraprofessionals have alternative schedules.




 For more information on the HTA agreements on School Operational Plans, visit this document, which went into effective in 2016.  For more information on the teacher’s Professional Compensation System, read this document, which went into effective in 2016.

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