Design and Implementation Teams

Design & Implementation Teams

The diagram below shows the planning teams that will begin working in Spring 2017 and beyond to design the academies and all aspects of the schools to support them.  These teams will be comprised of high school teachers, leaders, and students and include university and community partners.  The Academy Design Teams are for the four new themed academies:

  • CGS – Community and Global Studies Academy
  • PMA – Performing and Media Arts Academy
  • TED – Technology, Engineering, and Design Academy
  • MLS – Medical and Life Sciences Academy


The Work Groups will address critical aspects of school practice that must be aligned with the academy model.  The Review Panel for HS Redesign is a group of staff and students who will receive updates and provide feedback on the work being done by the Academy Design Teams and the Work Groups.

design team

HS Redesign Planning Team – Team Members


Academy Design Teams – Facilitated by Barbara Crock, Jennifer Chassman, Maggie Gifford

Community and Global Studies


Performing and Media Arts


Meghan Harrison (lead) English, HHS Joe Courchesne (lead) English, HHS
Dana Altshuler Social Studies, HHS Cassi Stewart Band, HHS
Jeff Hamilton Math, Dean Darlene Henshaw Art, HHS
Matt Gilbert Special education, HHS David Langlois Video Production, HHS
Molly Pinkney ESL, HHS Dustin Rose Math, Dean
Pete McAndrew Social Studies, HHS Kevin Bechard Social Studies, HHS
Robert Frye Social Studies, HHS Mary Brazeau English, HHS
Leah Letourneau Special education, HHS Mark Todd Music, HHS
Mike Hines Media Center, District


Technology, Engineering and Design


Medical and Life Sciences


Marcus Holt (lead) Science, Dean Jake Belanger (lead) Math, HHS
David Teft Diesel, Dean Jamie Anderson Science, HHS
Lhea Destromp Special Ed, HHS Michael Cotto Science, HHS
Shay Fitzell English, HHS Sharon Summers Health Assisting, Dean
Phil Cooper Math, HHS Michelle Lafond Health/PE, HHS




Barbara Page (lead) ESL Dept. Head
Janet Morales ESL, HHS
Zaida Cruz Science, HHS



Workgroups – Facilitated by Mickey Buhl

Systems & Structures Culture Policy
Carrie Auffrey (lead) Assistant Principal, HHS Alan Gates (lead) Director of Culture, Dean
Anna Rigali Guidance, HHS Bethanie Beausoleil English, HHS
Kristen Newell Special Education, HHS Luke Woodward Dir. Student Support, HHS
Lynn Bechard Social Studies, HHS Harry Melendez Director of Culture, HHS
Deb Fortin-Brochu Science, HHS Nissette Gonzalez Dean of Students, HHS
Shonda Vincent English, Dean
Liz Butler Social Studies, HHS
Pam Nadeau Guidance, HHS
Teresa Beaulieu Guidance, Dean
Jennifer Chassman Assistant Principal, HHS
Erin Linville Chief of Strategy, district


Special Education Social Emotional Learning & Supports
Ryan Bowler (lead) Special education, HHS Erika Boulware (lead) Adj. Counselor HHS
Allison Long Special education, HHS Chris O’Connell Adj. Counselor, Dean
Leah Destromp Special education, HHS Kerrita Mayfield Science, HHS
Kelly Keating Special education, HHS Kristen Phelan Social Work Intern, HHS
Tim Britton Special education, HHS Myra Rodriguez Teen Clinic, Dean
Lori Phelps Special education, Dean Colby Verge Special education, Dean
Colby Verge Special education, Dean Dani O’Brien Advisory Coord., HHS
Leah Letourneau Special education, HHS Kim Alderman-Shapiro Special education, HHS



Review Panel

Numerous students and  staff from HHS and Dean