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School Closure Update

As we all navigate these uncharted waters, we have some important updates to help navigate changes in regards to early college and dual enrollment courses. Take a moment to read the letter with the details.

Additionally, due to the current school closure HCC Early College Applications are now available online and there are still spaces available. Here is the online form to apply in English and the online form to apply in Spanish.

Early College Program With Holyoke Community College

Holyoke Public Schools and Holyoke Community College have established the Early College Program to help make college and career attainment accessible to all students in the community, while specifically serving low-income students, English language learners, students of color, and first-generation college students. The HPS – HCC Early College Program provides both strong academics and extra support to students who are enrolled in high school and college courses. Students complete the program with at least 15 transferable credits for college, having developed the knowledge and skills of persistence, attainment, advocacy, and navigation. Upon graduation from this program, students will be more likely to pursue advanced education leading to success in career and college.

The HPS- HCC early college partnership is a three-year program. The program begins in grade 10, upon successful completion of Freshman Academy coursework. During sophomore year, students enroll in a college readiness acceleration course and a career/technical based college level exploration class that is linked to their academy. Sophomore students in the Early College Program take all classes at Holyoke High School and HCC professors come to the North Campus. As juniors and seniors, students travel to the HCC campus for college coursework. Students earn dual credits at both schools simultaneously.

For the 2020-2021 school year, up to 100 rising sophomores may be admitted to the Early College Program.

Application (PDF)| Program Information for Families (PDF), En Español (PDF)

Academic and Social Supports

Holyoke Public Schools supports and funds all Early College participants including their tuition, fees, books, and access to transportation. Students must remain in good-standing with the program which includes attendance, effort, and performance.

All Early College participants are required to enroll in the course entitled, “College Readiness Acceleration.” This course is designed to support students in accelerating the organizational, time management, and academic skills needed for success in college. The curriculum for the course comes from AVID from the College Board. Students will also have personalized supports through tutoring, online learning, and group activities. The teacher of the College Readiness Acceleration course will serve as an “advisor” to the students during their initial year of the program.

More on Early College ProgramsEn Español

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