Extended School Year Services

Join us for summer learning and fun at HPS!

We are excited to announce these high-quality Extended School Year (ESY) special education learning opportunities for qualifying HPS students in grades PK-12.  The programs run Mondays-Thursdays from July 6 to August 6, 9AM-1PM.

How is eligibility for ESY programming determined?

Decisions about ESY programs are made on an individual basis, taking into consideration the unique needs of the child.

The team must determine whether a student substantially regresses or falls behind during break periods in the school year (regression). The team should also determine whether there is a substantial amount of time needed for the student to get back to the level of skills they were prior to the break period (recoupment).   

Teams must also consider other factors such as the degree of the impairment, rate of progress, behavioral and physical issues, availability of alternative resources, as well as the transitional needs of the student (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education memo 2002).

How will I know if my child qualifies for ESY Programming?

In order to make an informed decision at the team meeting, data (i.e. observations, assignments, and informal assessments) should be collected throughout the school year. Teachers should monitor progress made on goals and objectives and indicate whether a student falls behind.

All IEP Team members will complete an ESY Eligibility Tool at every annual IEP meeting, present their data, and discuss the need for these services. Parents are an integral part of this process. If a child qualifies for ESY services, it will be located on the Service Delivery Grid of your child’s IEP. The justification will be located on “Nonparticipation Justification” section of the IEP. If your child qualifies for ESY Services, your IEP Team should review the different service and program options, to ensure your child is placed in the most appropriate program to meet their needs. See brochures for more information about HPS ESY programs.


Please reach out to your child’s Team Leader at their school for any questions.


My child qualifies for Extended Year Services per their IEP, but I am unclear which program my child’s team recommends.  What should I do?

If your child’s IEP states that they qualify for Extended Year Services (ESY), but you are unsure which program your child’s team recommended, please contact your child’s Special Education Team Leader at their school for more information.


What are my options if my child does not qualify for ESY Programming as part of their IEP?

f your child does not qualify for ESY Programming, please visit our summer learning web page to view the many other free summer learning options that HPS has to offer.


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Summer Bus Information

The HPS transportation department will call families and provided bus pickup and drop off information by July 1, 2020.  If you do not receive this information or have related questions, please call 413-534-2000 and choose Option 1 or 2.

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