Campus Learning Centers (CLCs)

What are Campus Learning Centers?

Campus Learning Centers (CLCs) have been established to offer HPS students the experience of attending their remote classes at an HPS school site, where they receive additional support and supervision from HPS staff. CLCs offer full-day support as well as consistent school wi-fi.

Teachers will continue to teach their remote schedule while the students in CLCs will be supported by additional/support staff.

  • Grades 6-8 CLCs will be held at their respective schools starting March 29th
  • North Campus will continute to run CLCs as their hybrid model. Currently, a few CLCs are successfully running at both Dean and North Campus. Both the HHS Dean and North campuses have run a CLC for high school students since mid-November. Dean Campus will continue to run its current schedule of 1 day/week in person by grade level “Vocational Learning Day” as well as continue to run a CLC.

Why were CLCs established?

CLCs have been established to support students who may struggle with technology access and/or distracting remote learning spaces by providing them with reliable internet access, technology support, and a focused learning environment. 

Other key details include the following:


  • All health and safety protocols will be followed (daily registration, masks, hand washing, mask breaks, fresh air, and social distancing) and all necessary learning materials will be on hand and available.
  • Based on social distancing guidelines, CLC classrooms will have up to 12-15 students per space.
  • Each CLC will be supervised by one adult staff member 
  • Students in CLCs follow the same schedule as their school’s remote learning schedule.
  • All IEP/Language support services will continue to be delivered remotely.
  • Students will attend a CLC on Mondays and Tuesdays, or Thursdays and Fridays.  (Depending on enrollment, it may be possible for students to attend all 4 days.)
  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided in an adjacent space, where mask breaks will also be taken.
  • Students are expected to attend everyday, unless the student is sick, showing COVID-related symptoms or has been a close contact to someone with COVID, per HPS guidelines.
  • If you live 1.5 miles or greater from your school you will be eligible for transportation.

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