Culture and Climate Surveys

Holyoke Public Schools is surveying our students, staff and families using the Panorama Culture and Climate Survey.

The survey information will inform our improvement efforts at the school and district level, as we work together to be families’ first choice for their children’s education. 

The 2018 survey window is February 26th – March 23rd, 2018.

Please take 5-7 minutes to complete the family survey using this link:

Enter the access code for your school listed below:

School Name

Access Code

Dean Dean
Donahue Donahue
Holyoke High Holyokehigh
Kelly Kelly
Lawrence Lawrence
McMahon Mcmahon
Metcalf Metcalf
Morgan Morgan
Peck Peck
Sullivan Sullivan
E. N. White White
Gateway Gateway
Success Center Pathway

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Alyssa McBride, Project Manager

This input and feedback on our schools and district overall are critical to ensuring that we adapt and refine our strategy and implementation.  This feedback has already been used to inform schools’ plans for SY17-18.

As a district, we were particularly encouraged to see:

  • More students reporting that their teachers have high expectations of them and that they feel connected to adults at school
  • High number of students reporting that they know what to do to get a good grade and feeling safe in their classroom
  • More teachers reporting that the school is supportive of their growth as a teacher and they are trusted to teach in the way they think is best
  • High number of families reporting they feel welcome in their child’s school and receive a prompt  response to calls and emails
  • More families reporting that they meet with their child’s teacher every few months

We still have a lot of room for improvement, particularly in the following areas:

  • Ensuring that the behavior of other students at school helps learning, rather than detracts from it
  • Ensuring that students who need additional support receive it
  • Providing more instruction and materials that reflect our students’ diverse background
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