Autism Resources

Below is a list of some links and resources you might find helpful. If you have one in particular you would like to share with our HPS Autism community, please let us know!

Holyoke Autism Resource Facebook page A Facebook page that will keep you up to date on local autism-related news, community happenings, weekly tips, web-based resources, and more.
Autism Connections/Pathlight  A fantastic local organization in Easthampton that offers referrals to a wide variety of autism-related resources, workshops, support groups, and events
 TDS Speech  Offers social skills groups and speech services
Communicare  Offers services in the areas of augmentative communication, assistive technology, speech, and bilingual language development
Whole Children Offers recreational classes for children of varying ages
Autism Insurance Resource Center Everything you need to know about autism services that are covered under the Massachusetts Autism Insurance Law (ARICA)
Autism-A Closer Look  More than 100 Q&As authored by experts about relevant subjects related to supporting children and adults with ASD
Your Special Chef A collection of resources to help teach cooking skills to individuals with special needs.
 14 Expert-Recommended iPad Autism Apps  Parent Magazine’s recommended autism apps for your IPAD
 Healthline General Information related to Autism
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