Dual Language Program

Two‐Way Immersion

This innovative program offers language acquisition opportunities in English and Spanish; research-based curriculum that is aligned with the district’s benchmarks and state’s curriculum framework. The mission of dual language is to prepare linguistically and culturally competent students for a globalized world. The Holyoke Public Schools is offering open enrollment opportunities for students entering Pre‐K through grade 3.  Contact Amy Burke with questions at 413-534-2104 or aburke@hps.holyoke.ma.us.

Dual language

Academic/Cognitive Benefits include:

  • Higher academic achievement in school
  • Higher levels of second language proficiency
  • Higher results on state standardized tests
  • Higher level of critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Higher flexible thinking abilities and enhanced creativity

Social Benefits:

  • Greater understanding of other cultures
  •  Greater acceptance of others
  • Greater appreciation of personal heritage

More Information About Dual Language

How long does it take to learn a new language?

BICS -Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills= 1-3 years

CALPS – Cognitive Academic Language Learning Skills= 3-7 years

Data regarding dual language