Dual Language Program

Dual Language

The Dual Language Program is an innovative choice that offers language acquisition opportunities in English and Spanish. Metcalf School offers the program from PreK to Grade 3 for students across Holyoke, while E.N. White offers the program for PreK and Kindergarten students in their school zone.  Pre-K applications are being accepted for wait lists at Metcalf and EN White. For other grades, some spots are still available for children that meet eligibility requirements at Metcalf and EN White. Call Amy Burke, Principal of Metcalf School, at 413-534-2104 for more information.

Dual language

Academic/Cognitive Benefits include:

  • Higher academic achievement in school
  • Higher levels of second language proficiency
  • Higher results on state standardized tests
  • Higher level of critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Higher flexible thinking abilities and enhanced creativity

Social Benefits:

  • Greater understanding of other cultures
  •  Greater acceptance of others
  • Greater appreciation of personal heritage

More Information About Dual Language

How long does it take to learn a new language?

BICS -Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills= 1-3 years

CALPS – Cognitive Academic Language Learning Skills= 3-7 years

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