Early College and Dual Enrollment

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About Early College & Dual Enrollment

Through a deep and strategic partnership with local colleges and universities, Holyoke High School students are able to earn high school and college credits in a challenging, yet highly supportive environment. This experience provides students with an understanding of college-level work, reduces the time and cost of earning college credits, and increases the likelihood of students completing a college degree. Tuition, fees, and transportation are all provided.

Early College Program with Holyoke Community College

Eligible students in grades 10-12 (must apply in ninth-grade)

In this program, sophomore students take their first college courses at Holyoke High School. In their junior and senior years, they will take courses on the main HCC campus.  This program is aligned with the high school’s theme-based academies. Tuition, fees, books, and transportation are all provided. All credits earned are transferable to most four-year Massachusetts public colleges and universities.  Students are supported through mentoring, tutoring, and an early college readiness class (AVID).

Dual Enrollment 


Eligible students in grades 11-12 (students apply on a semester basis with their counselors)

HHS currently has relationships with HCC, STCC, UMASS and Westfield State and our students may apply to take a Dual Enrollment class at any of these colleges. Courses are taught during the day at these college campuses.  If you wish to take a class at a different college or university, you must apply directly to that institution.

Westfield Promise


Eligible students in grades 11-12 (must apply in tenth-grade)

Early college program offered through Westfield State University to eligible high school juniors and seniors.  

These courses for 11th-grade students are co-taught during the day at Holyoke High School by a high school faculty member and a WSU professor. 12th-grade students take classes at WSU.  Students that complete this program get priority enrollment at Westfield State. Tuition, fees, and transportation are all provided.


Evelyn Davis

Phone: 413-534-2020


Jane Alinovi
Early College Coach and Tutor
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