Transitions Academy

Holyoke Transitions Academy

4 Open Square Way, Mill 7
Holyoke, MA 01040

Phone: (413) 512-5361 Ext. 1801
Support Staff Ext. 1802 & 1803


Kelsey Brousseau, Transition Specialist

Adjusted School Hour Schedule (En Español) *Please note, the school has contacted you regarding your student’s schedule. If you have any questions, please contact the school office. 

Resources for Students, Staff and Families

About Holyoke Transitions Academy:

The Holyoke Transitions Academy is designed to prepare students, ages 18-22 years old with disabilities,  for their change in status from a student, to an emergent adult role. We focus on various facets of life including employment, post-secondary education (i.e. functional academics, college, training) maintaining a home, involvement in the community as individually appropriate and enhancing satisfactory social and personal relationships.

The Transition Specialist works closely with the student, family, and team to understand the student’s vision. Students will be provided with a coordinated set of individualized activities in order for the student to meet their vision. Coordinated activity examples include: work-based learning experiences, recreational opportunities, community-based education and daily workshops in the area of social, vocational and functional academics (based on student IEP). The Transition Specialist works closely with Adult State agency services to assure students have a seamless transition into adulthood once they turn 22.