Remote Learning

Remote Learning Overview

The majority of HPS students started the school year remotely.  We developed an improved distance learning program in the fall that was designed to meet every student’s needs and includes:

  • A digital device for every individual student
  • Learning materials, such as math books, math manipulatives and composition notebooks for elementary students.
  • Live instruction
  • Virtual small group support
  • Internet access for more families, with the support of our city governments and private donors
  • A check-in with the same adult each week for one-on-one support

Students who selected the remote learning model are learning five days a week from their homes through live (synchronous) full-class instruction and small group instruction. Families please take note of our Screens On policy (PDF) for remote learners.

Remote Learning Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if my child is having a problem with their device?

If your student is having an issue with their device, please reach out to their school as they are equipped to help you solve the problem.

All students were given a device in the fall.  Students in grades PreK-2 were issued iPads. Grades 3-12 students were issued Chromebooks, (except for students in grades 6-8 at Peck and Holyoke STEM who already had iPads as part of the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools (VILS) program). 

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What if my child needs Internet access?

Families have taken advantage of the following through the Internet Essentials sponsorship program:

  • Free internet to the family for the whole school year through Comcast.
  • Low-Cost Computer. Customers can purchase a low-cost computer
  • Digital Literacy Training

Read more about this opportunity.

If you have any questions about this service, please call the hotline at 413-561-0862 (English) or 413-314-3560 (Spanish), visit our website to send an email by clicking on the following link:

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What does the remote learning model look like?

The remote learning model is made up  of two types of Instruction:

  • Live instruction (also known as synchronous) will include direct teacher instruction, student collaboration time, and independent work time while the teacher confers with individual students – just like would happen in a traditional classroom.  Students who receive additional services (e.g. language support, therapies, reading intervention, etc.) will have opportunities throughout the day to work with additional staff.
  • Students will have access to all content areas (mathematics, English language arts, science, social studies, arts/music, physical education, and social emotional learning).  Teachers and other staff will also be available to provide additional academic or social emotional support.

Please take a look at the adjusted school schedule to see what the remote learning day looks like.

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What is the timing of the school day for remote learners?

Effective January 19th, the school day hours for in-person and remote learners were adjusted in order to support the implementation of the Hybrid Learning Model for the remainder of the school year (SY).

In the December 23rd Holyoke Update, we provided information about the newly adjusted school day (that started on January 19th).

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What learning platforms are used?

The district Google Classroom in all grades as the learning management systems (LMS).  Zoom is the video conferencing platform for live classes.

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What supports are available for remote learners?

  • Holyoke Public Schools is offering meal service Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at Lawrence, Morgan, and Donahue School from 12pm to 2pm.  If you feel that these curbside site closures create any hardship for your family, please reach out to the Food and Nutrition Team at 413-207-1066 with any thoughts or concerns. We will work to ensure you have access to food.)
  • Advisory groups and learning squads are small group support structures designed to support students’ mental health and academic needs.
  • Additional support from counselors, therapists, teachers will be available throughout the day.
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If students miss a day of remote learning due to medical reasons, would that be considered an absence?

Students are expected to attend class daily and throughout the full day.  If a student needs to miss a day for any reason, the parent/guardian should be in contact with the teacher to inform them of the situation and ask about making up missing work.  More information about taking attendance will be released before school starts.  Read more about attendance at HPS.

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How are grades given and accessed in a remote environment?

Grades are collected in SchoolBrains to generate student report cards for parents/guardians to access and report cards are mailed out.  

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District Resources

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