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Summer Reading and Math Challenges Update

The 2019 summer reading and math challenges were a success! To reward students for committing to academic excellence during the summer months, Superintendent Dr. Zrike surprised students who participated in the summer reading and math challenges with a special prize at the start of the 2019-20 SY. One student was selected as the winner from each participating school, and for each challenge. Students won either a new table — for reading, of course.  Math Challenge winners received a Razor scooter. Please help us in congratulating these students for their committed academic work over the summer: 

  • Emily Jourdain – Metcalf Reading Challenge Winner
  • Liliana Gonzalez – Metcalf Math Challenge Winner
  • Marianalee Colon – Morgan Reading Challenge Winner
  • Adamari Rosario – Sullivan Reading Challenge Winner
  • Jayla Brewer – Sullivan Math Challenge Winner
  • Yasani Thompson – McMahon Reading Challenge Winner
  • JJ Rodriguez – McMahon Math Challenge Winner
  • Leonardo DeLeon – Peck Math Challenge Winner

Stay tuned for the summer challenges of 2020!

A Glance at the 2019 Summer Challenges

If you’re curious about what the summer challenges are all about, this is what student’s were asked to participate in this past summer. Take a look, and consider joining in next summer!

Reading challenge:

For PreK-Grade 8, students were asked to read at least 20 minutes a day, have a parent/guardian initial the reading calendar (below) for each day of reading , list up to 10 of your favorite books that you have read and return it to their school by September 7th. For High School, students were asked to read and complete the required high school summer reading assignments (En Español) for their grade.

The 2019 Holyoke Public Schools Summer Reading Challenge was part of a city-wide campaign for summer reading. All students that returned the Summer Reading Challenge were eligible to win a tablet. The school with the highest percentage of calendars turned in received a school-wide treat of an ice cream party or pizza party. 


Math Challenge

The 2019 math challenge asked all students entering grades 1-8 to work on their skills throughout the summer. Students could work online (utilizing programs from the list in the flyer (PDF)), complete summer practice workbooks (like the kind you find in stores), study flashcards, play board & dice games that involve math, or attend summer school. We asked students to keep track of the time they committed on the tracking sheet (PDF). Any student who logged at least 8 hours was entered into a raffle to win a scooter or a bicycle.


For more information on great books to read at your child’s grade level, stop by the Holyoke Public Library.  The New England Patriots are also sponsoring a Summer Reading Blitz.

Summer Bus Schedules

Bus schedules for students who are eligible for summer transportation are provided below.  If you have any questions regarding your child’s transportation or transportation eligibility, please contact Denise Rodriguez at 413-512-5352.


Michelle Macklin
Senior Manager of Extended Learning
Phone: 413-534-2000 x1404

Samantha Garcia
Assistant Manager of  Extended Learning
Phone: 413-534-2000 x1409

Back-to-School Info

The start of the 2019-20 school year is right around the corner. Check out our back to school web page for important information such as key dates, school start and end times, and upcoming school year highlights.

Extended Year Services for Eligible Students

Your child is eligible for this program if indicated in their IEP. Program information and brochure.

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