Summer Learning

summer learning

Summer Learning Academies

Holyoke Public Schools will be offering Summer Learning Academies to HPS students in rising grades 1 through 9. The program will run from July 7th- August 6th, 2020.  Please register your child as soon as possible as space will be limited. In the event that social distancing is extended beyond the school year and into the summer, HPS will offer the summer learning programs virtually.     

Summer Program Flyer  (PDF) | Student Registration Form | En Español

Stay tuned for information about summer learning offerings for high school students!

Additional summer resources:

For more information on great books to read at your child’s grade level, stop by the Holyoke Public Library.  

Summer Bus Schedules

Bus schedules for students who are eligible for summer transportation to be announced when information is available.  Stay tuned.  If you have any questions regarding your child’s transportation or transportation eligibility, please contact Denise Rodriguez at 413-512-5352.


Michelle Macklin
Senior Manager of Extended Learning
Phone: 413-534-2000 x1404

Anthony Gibbs
Assistant Manager of  Extended Learning
Phone: 413-386-0405

Extended Year Services for Eligible Students

Your child is eligible for this program if indicated in their IEP. Program information, registration, & brochure.

Generation Teach

Summer Connections at E.N. White

Preview what summer learning is all about...

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