High School Redesign Implementation Timeline

Implementation Timeline

The high school redesign initiatives are not incremental changes.  They call for transforming the high school experience in Holyoke.  Implementing such change will be a dynamic process that gets defined by the staff, students, families, and leaders over the course of years.  In this section, we offer an initial timeline to guide implementation.  We anticipate that implementation steps will change often and be driven by the teams, led by educators at the school level, who will define the nature of the academies.


Exhibit 9: Implementation Timeline

Initiative Spring 2017 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
Four Theme Based

Grades 10-12 Academies

Create Academy Design Teams & Establish Partnership(s) with Academy Design Experts Develop curriculum and design academy pathways.

Sync school systems with academy model

Launch the four new themed Academies for grades 10 & 11 Expand the Academies to grade 12
Freshman Academy Schedule students tightly within teams for 17-18 Freshman students explore 10-12 Academies Continue

Newcomers Academy


Plan structure, curriculum, staffing Launch Newcomers Academy.  Students explore 10-12 Academies Continue
Opportunity Academy Establish Additional Partnerships Launch New Partnerships & Develop Cross-Partner Coordination Strengthen Cross Partner Connections and Student Programming
SUPPORTING INITIATIVES – Aligned to District Priorities
High Quality Core Curriculum & Powerful Practices Establish an Instructional Transformation Team to lead a shift to student-centered instruction Intensive coaching across the HS’s to transform our instruction in preparation for the academies Continue
Instructional Coaching Increase coaching capacity Provide coaching to all HS teachers from Instructional Transformation Team through coaching cycles aligned with explicit professional development Shift responsibility for coaching cycles from Transformation Team to Academy Leads and administrators
Multi-Tiered System of Student Supports Research & plan for 17-18 Begin reading interventions at both HS’s and explore math interventions starting with 9th grade Expand supports & align with academies
Workplace Competencies in the 21st century Define competencies Integrate competencies into academy design Implement teaching & measuring of growth Continue
Project Based Learning including Capstone Projects Develop Graduate Profile and Senior Capstone Project for each academy Design project-based curricula & pilot project based units Implement as part of academy design Continue
Explicit Focus on Relationships Develop explicit plans at school level Implement school plans &

Develop explicit plans at Academy level

Implement Academy-based plans Continue
“On Track” methodology Implement in 9th grade &

Develop staff team structure for 2017-18

Implement On Track approach at all grades 9-12 Implement On Track approach within each academy Continue
M.A.P.P. – Career & College Planning Initiate MAPP (ILPs) for all 9th graders at HHS and 10th graders at Dean Implement MAPP for all grades 9-12 and being MAPP at the middle schools Expand MAPP to serve all students in grades 6-12 Continue
Common Professional Collaboration Time Develop plan Implement new schedule Adjust to match academy structure Continue
Co-Planning & Co-Teaching Pilot co-teaching relationships Arrange schedule to facilitate co-teaching Emphasize co-teaching within Academies
Developing Excellent Educators and Teacher Teams Focus on:

● Dept. Heads

● Academy Teams

● Grade 9

● Dean Tech

Expand focus to all school; emphasize academy teams development of curriculum & powerful practices Continue
Teacher Leadership Teachers lead the development of the academies and supporting systems Teacher leaders play central role in academy design & development of curricula and powerful practices Teacher leaders help guide academies including development of curricula and powerful practices
Academy Design Teams Select members for academy design team (including teachers, industry & university partners).

Begin planning

Develop academy curricula and course sequence through grade 12 integrating the 5 core tenets Launch academies Graduate first class from academies
School-wide Culture System Examine viable systems  for 2017-18 Implement at Dean and HHS Adjust culture system academy structure Continue
Coordinated Supports for Social, Emotional, and Family Needs Develop staff roles and relationships among positions; plan to implement in 2017-18 Implement coordinated roles Adjust to academy structure Continue
Systems & Structures Team Select members for S&S team.  Backwards map plan to align systems & structures with academy model Implement systems to start in 2017-18; continue to develop systems to prepare for academy launch Implement all systems & structures necessary for academy launch Continue