Carpentry Program


The Carpentry Program at HHS Dean Campus is a Chapter 74 approved program that provides students the skills and knowledge necessary to enter the building industry. The four-year Carpentry program incorporates all six strands of the Massachusetts Vocational Technical Education Frameworks and is designed to provide students with relevant skills that include building, remodeling, finish carpentry, cabinet making, millwork, and CAD/CAM CNC Router Machining. 

 With safety a top priority, students are instructed on safety practices from the first day of class and earn OSHA 10 Construction certification by the junior year.  Along with safety, students receive instruction in such things as wood frame construction, blueprint reading, building code and theory, energy efficient construction, estimating and project management.  Incorporating embedded math, reading and writing, and engineering allows students to see the interconnectedness of vocational training and academic courses that leads to understanding the holistic nature of vocational education.

Recognizing that students need more than technical skills and knowledge to experience success in the workplace, students at Dean study employability skills that include mock interviews, time management strategies, and workplace communication, as well as topics in management, marketing, and entrepreneurship for those wanting to start their own business.  The curriculum is rounded out with an overview of technological skills that includes presentation software, spreadsheet preparation, Google and 365 platforms, and other commonly used business applications.

Career Opportunities 

  • Rough/Finish Carpenter                     
  • Drywall Installer                
  • Window/Siding Installer
  • Union Carpenter Apprentice            
  • Construction Supervisor         
  • Architect
  • Civil Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Business Owner
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