Cosmetology Program


The Cosmetology Program, on the HHS Dean Campus, is a Chapter 74 approved program that prepares students for careers in the cosmetology and beauty industries.  Using a four-year, standards-based curriculum that incorporates all six strands of the Massachusetts Vocational Technical Education Frameworks, as well as State Board of Cosmetology of Massachusetts Standards, students are prepared to successfully pass the Massachusetts Cosmetology and Barbering State Board examination in the senior year after completing the state mandated 1000 hours of course work and hands-on experience.

With safety a top priority, students are instructed on safety practices from the first day of class and earn OSHA 10 certification by the junior year.  Along with safety, students receive project-based, hands-on instruction which incorporates all facets of hair and skin care, cosmetology theory studies, and nail care.  With embedded academics such as mathematics, reading and writing, biology, and chemistry students begin to see the interconnectedness of vocational training and academic courses that leads to understanding the holistic nature of vocational education.

Recognizing that students need more than technical skills and knowledge to experience success in the workplace, students at Dean study employability skills that include mock interviews, time management strategies, and workplace communication, as well as topics in management, marketing, and entrepreneurship for those wanting to start their own business.  The curriculum is rounded out with an overview of technological skills that includes presentation software, spreadsheet preparation, Google and 365 platforms, and other commonly used business applications.

Throughout the program, as skills are developed, students have the opportunity to practice their abilities through work on clients in the updated, well-equipped training salon that houses the Dean Cosmetology program.  This real-world application, guided by instructors and within the learning environment, prepares students for senior year when eligible students are able to participate in Cooperative Education or Internship placements in area salons and spas. 


Career Opportunities 

  • Hair Stylist                                              
  • Color Specialist                                 
  • Nail Technician
  • Skin Care/Esthetician                         
  • Beauty Consultant                          
  • Retail Specialist
  • Beauty Editor                                        
  • Fantasy/Special Effects Make-up         
  • Cosmetic Buyer