Programming and Web Development Program


The Programming and Web Development program at HHS Dean Campus is a Chapter 74 approved program designed to educate and prepare students to work professionally in the field of software engineering and full stack software development. Using a standards-based, four-year curriculum aligned with the Massachusetts Vocational Technical Education Frameworks, students become proficient with Photoshop, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Unity, C# and many other modern technologies utilized in the world of Programming and Web Development. 

 Students are taught the skills necessary to understand how computers work, solve technology problems, design websites and apps, and use tools like Photoshop. The department strives to provide its students with the latest and greatest, up-to-date computer technology learning and experience.  With mathematics, reading and writing, and science embedded into the curriculum students begin to see the interconnectedness of their technical training and academic courses that leads to an understanding of the holistic nature of vocational education.

Recognizing that students need more than technical skills and knowledge to experience success in the workplace, students at Dean study employability skills that include mock interviews, time management strategies, and workplace communication, as well as topics in management, marketing, and entrepreneurship for those wanting to start their own business.  Combined with the technical skills, this knowledge provides the final piece in preparing students to pursue a career in web development and programming, becoming a freelance developer, and/or continue with post-secondary education in computer science. 

Throughout the program, students have the opportunity to practice the skills and knowledge gained on diverse projects for the school and various district departments. This real-world application, guided by instructors and within the learning environment, prepares students for senior year when eligible students are able to participate in Cooperative Education or Internship placements in area businesses.

Career Opportunities 

  • Computer Graphics Specialist          
  • Software Developer                  
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Programmer                        
  • Web Design                                 
  • Game Design
  • Web Developer                                    
  • Social Media Management              
  • Database Administration