College Planning and Financial Aid

About College Search and Planning

The college search and planning process can be exciting and challenging for students and their caregivers. The College Counseling program at Holyoke High School suggests using some of the following tools and resources to assist you in this process.

Search for Colleges: College Search Tools


College Planning Tools


Applying to College Resources


Resources for Financial Aid

  • The Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority (MEFA) has great workshops, recorded webinars, loan repayment calculators and support staff to help you understand financial aid.
  • Net Price Calculator: this tool is available on every college financial aid website and will estimate how much financial aid any individual college is likely to give to a student
  • Federal Student Aid website: provides information about loans and other federal financial aid resources. Also has a loan repayment calculator
  • Financial Aid Applications:
    • Each college has different financial aid applications and deadlines. Students must visit college financial aid websites to learn about their applications and deadlines. The two most common financial aid applications are:
    • FAFSA (required by all colleges)
    • CSS/PROFILE (required by many colleges)
  • Collegeboard Opportunity Scholarship Program-students are encouraged to sign-up for this college planning and scholarship program. It’s easy!


College Counseling Staff

Anna Rigali, HHS College and Career Counselor,

School Counseling Department, HHS North

Teresa Beaulieu, School Counselor, Dean Campus, 

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