Kelly School Operational Plan

Kelly School Operational Plan (PDF)


Student Schedule


Mon – Fri
Start Time(1) 8:30
End Time(2) 3:35

(1) Start time is defined as the start of the student day. It is likely to start with Breakfast in the Classroom. Students

may be allowed in the building prior to this, in order to get to the classroom.

(2) End time is defined as the end of the student day. It is dismissal.

Note: There are no early releases for conferences or professional development.

Total Elementary/Middle School Hours: 1275 hours per year




None. Our school follows the HPS calendar.



Teacher Schedule

Actual Schedule (Include all scheduled time outside of the student learning day; this includes entry/dismissal, collaboration, staff meetings, etc.

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
7:20-8:20 N/A All School


N/A All School


8:20-8:30 Student Arrival
8:30-3:35 Student Day
3:35-3:45 Dismissal


Accounting for the Time

Category Length of Time

per Session

Frequency Total Time

Per Year





1 hour




80 hours



School Duty


20 min

(10 at beginning,

10 at end)


1x a day

180 days


60 hours


Staff Meetings


60 min


1 per month


10 hours


After School





90 min


2x per year


3 hours


One in the fall, one in the spring


Office Detention


45 min



3x per year


2.25 hours


All teachers, K-8




60 min


1x per


10 hours


Home visits, parent conferences,








family engagement activities


6 District Scheduled PD Days


7.5 hours




45 hours


8/24, 8/25, 8/28, 11/7, 1/2,3/19




PD days


7.5 hours




30 hours


8/21, 8/22, 8/23, 1 following the last day of school


Unused time


4.75 hours




245 hours

3 Total time may not exceed 245 hours, unless teachers are compensated according to the HPS

Professional Compensation Structure or Morgan Professional Compensation Structure.

  • Weekly Collaboration by having a 7-hr 5 min day: 2 hours per week, 80 hours per year
  • “Up to 90 hours” for additional responsibilities: 90 hours per year
  • 6 Scheduled PD days: 7.5 hours x 6 days = 45 hours
  • 4 School-Scheduled PD days: 7.5 hours x 4 days = 30 hours



Please note whether any teachers have alternative schedules.


ES/MS Paraprofessional Time

Typical Schedule


Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
Start Time 8:25 8:25 8:25 7:30 8:25
End Time 3:45 3:45 3:45 3:35 3:45

3 Paraprofessionals will be included in 45 min – 2 hours per week for collaboration. (School choice on how much.)

4 Most elementary and middle school paraprofessionals work 37.5 hours per week.  Morgan paraprofessionals work 40 hours per week.

5 School leaders are allowed to stagger paraprofessional schedules, assuming students’ needs and IEPs are met, and that paras can participate in at least 45 min per week of collaboration.



1 or 2 paras could work earlier hours (8-3:20) to cover arrivals

1 or 2 paras could work later hours (8:45-4:05) to assist with late pick ups

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