Student Pathways

Find your pathway to success at Holyoke Public Schools.

We celebrate the individuality of every student. At Holyoke Public Schools, we know that students do best when they pursue their passions and are trusted to pick their pathway. We asked eight of our outstanding students about their pathways and plans.

Meet Jason, Nekisha, Ryan, Jorge, Ciecola, Josiah, Miranda, and Jaylene!

Julia M. Cahill

“My personal plan would be, to work in some sort of performing arts, but I do plan on going to college either for performing arts or public communication.” 

– Julia M. Cahill

Sadiel Cabrera

“What I hope is that I go to college to be a judge and play sports.”

– Sadiel Cabrera

Paige E. Brainard

“In the future, I plan on going to a four year college. I’ve thought of teaching, physical therapy, nutrition, or biomedical engineer.” 

– Paige E. Brainard

Isaac Rosado Cruz

“My hopes in the future are to graduate from McMahon, go to high school, get a scholarship, and hopefully study for business.” 

– Isaac Rosado Cruz 

Marialis Camacho 

“I want to be an engineer… and I hope to have a good job in that field.” 

– Marialis Camacho 

Emmanuel J. Salamanca

“I really hope that I can succeed in co-op working in a body shop.“ 

– Emmanuel J. Salamanca

Leyska M. Rodriguez Melendez

“In the future I want to be really successful just like my brother and my dad. I would like to open a company one day.“ 

– Leyska M. Rodriguez Melendez

 Adrian Rivera Oliveras

“I’m hoping to be a chemical engineer.“ 

– Adrian Rivera Oliveras

Dioanna Davis

“In college I want to be a judge, I want to get a law degree. I just want everybody to have justice in the world.” 

– Dioanna Davis

Deborah I. Rosario Rodriguez

“Going forward I am going to focus on my school work and… in college I am going to study to become a surgeon.” 

– Deborah I. Rosario Rodriguez 

Andrew P. Bonnett

“In the future I plan on being a police officer.” 

– Andrew P. Bonnett

Tiffany M. Garcia Osorio

“I definitely want to attend college, major in criminal justice, and give back to my community.“

 – Tiffany M. Garcia Osorio

 Devin Luciano

“I’ve always wanted to attend UMass after I graduate from Holyoke High School and I want to come back here and help all of the students that would need help.” 

– Devin Luciano

Yazmine M. Rodriguez

“I want to be a trauma surgeon and I want to pursue my goal of going to medical school.“ 

– Yazmine M. Rodriguez

Darius Diaz

“I’ll be going away to college. I will be studying psychology and hopefully minor in PT .” 

– Darius Diaz

We have developed a strategic plan for transforming the high school experience to ensure that every student in grades 6-12 have a high quality educational option, with a focus on college and careers for all students. Built upon choice, and access to advanced educational opportunities, the plan deepens student engagement, and provides families, business and civic leaders explicit opportunities to partner with educators to help guide students’ career and college plans.  Read more about the innovative strategic plan.

Sample of programs for students:

Seeking advanced courses-

  • Reduced-price college courses at Holyoke Community College, Westfield State, and UMass Amherst

  • Growth of Advanced Placement offerings at Holyoke High School

Interested in vocational pathways-

  • Automotive

  • Culinary

  • Health Sciences

  • Machine Manufacturing

  • Cosmetology

  • Electrical

  • Construction

  • Metal Fabrication

  • Computer Programming

  • Web Design

Interested in the arts-

  • School musicals and plays

  • Sample of school clubs: Anime Club, Art Club, Band, Choir, Drama Club, Yearbook, Photography Club

  • Lectures and workshops with local authors and artists

Contact the Student Enrollment and Family Empowerment Center at 413-534-2055, to learn about new initiatives and programs at Holyoke Public Schools and how to support your children in their pathway to success.