Wm. J. Dean Technical High School

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New Career Center Opens at Dean Technical

The Holyoke Public Schools has engaged in a partnership with Career Point to establish a career center at Dean Technical High School.   The focus of the center is to provide career and job services to students.  Read more…

Vacation Academy

Visit our district Facebook page for photos of students participating in the vacation academy hosted by Dean Technical High School. Nearly thirty high school students attended the academy which was held during February vacation. Feedback from participating students was very positive. Students spent the first 2.5 hours participating in MCAS preparation learning experiences with their English teachers. After lunch, students chose a shop to attend and engaged in some fun projects – students in the Carpentry/Electrical shop built lamps (see photos), students in the Culinary shop cooked and baked, and students in the Automotive/Collision shop participated in painting and detailing projects.

School Redesign Grant

In December 2016, Holyoke Public Schools was awarded a School Redesign Grant on behalf of Dean Technical High School in the amount of $1,500,000.   Dean will focus the SRG grant on growing instruction in core academics and the Career Technical Education Program.  Dean will invest in developing teachers through instructional coaching and also in building teacher teams that “own” student success, keeping them “on track” and building individual school and career plans for each student.  Read more about the district’s high school redesign initiative.

2017 graduates 3 female students
2017 graduates 2 male students