Holyoke High School Mission, Values, Vision

Holyoke High School MISSION:

  • To graduate all students prepared to succeed in the college and career pathway of their choice

Holyoke High School VALUES:

  • RELATIONSHIPS – We believe that relationships are the foundation upon which achievement is based.
  • EVERY STUDENT – We believe that every student must be prepared to succeed in college and empowered to choose the pathway of their choice – whether that be college, career, or both.
  • SHARED OWNERSHIP– We believe that WE are responsible for the success of each student.
  • GREAT TEACHING – We believe that it is through our teaching that students gain the knowledge and skills for school and life success.

Holyoke High School VISION:

  • Every student on track
      • Make keeping students On Track our central focus – and measure it relentlessly.


  • Student Centered Instruction
      • Provide coaching to all teachers.
      • Create classrooms where all students think critically and communicate with purpose daily.


  • Intentional Student Supports
    • Provide reading interventions.
    • Embed math intervention for 9th graders.
    • Organize our social/emotional supports with systems or practice.

Hail! Holyoke High School, Alma Mater, first forever. The days we spent with thee will always live in memory. And H-O-L-Y-O-K-E means friendship, truth and loyalty. So, Hail, Holyoke High School, we’ll be true to thee.

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