School Brains

School Brains Information

Parents and guardians, the SchoolBrains information portal allows you to check on your student’s grades, assignments, and attendance. Using this portal will help you to track your student’s progress and partner more effectively with your student’s teachers.  Note, some of these features are only available at the high school level.

Accessing SchoolBrains Community Portal

To access the parent portal, you must have a current email address associated with your SchoolBrains account. If you have never had a SchoolBrains account, or never received directions for logging into the portal, please complete this form. Please allow for 48 hours for a link to be sent to your email so you can create or update your account and login to the portal. 

Para acceder al portal principal, debe tener una dirección de correo electrónico actual asociada con su cuenta de SchoolBrains. Si nunca ha tenido una cuenta de SchoolBrains, o nunca recibió instrucciones para iniciar sesión en el portal, complete este formulario. Espere 48 horas para que se envíe un enlace a su correo electrónico para que pueda crear o actualizar su cuenta e iniciar sesión en el portal.

High School Teacher updates

SchoolBrains will be updated by all high school teachers on the following dates:

Sept: 13th, 27th Dec: 6th, 20th Mar: 13th, 27th
Oct: 11th, 25th Jan: 10th, 24th Apr: 10th
Nov: 8th, 22nd Feb: 7th, 28th May: 1st, 15th, 29th 
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