High School Redesign

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Providing a high-quality educational option for every student


The Holyoke Public Schools is transforming the high school experience to ensure that every student has a high-quality educational option, with a focus on college and careers for all students.  We have developed an innovative High School Redesign Plan (pdf.)| (En Espanol) that includes strategies for improving the instruction and services offered, and providing students with the skills and tools they need to be successful in school now, and later in college and their careers.  The high school redesign structure empowers students as self-directed learners ready for 21st-century workplace and college rigor.    The plan, developed by nearly 100 educators, students, community members and national experts, including support from the Barr Foundation, is organized around an academy structure designed to provide “personalized learning pathways” for all students.


Students at Holyoke High School receive an in-depth, well-rounded MassCore aligned high school education that prepares them for college, career, and community leadership.  In addition, our redesign plan provides students with exposure to a wide array of college and career opportunities in the area of their emerging interests and community-based learning opportunities. Internships, job shadows, and experiences in the field offer valuable opportunities for our students to learn about potential career pathways and explore their interests while receiving the essential foundations for academic success.


Our strategic plan includes a series of thematic academies that will provide opportunities for students to develop a personalized learning path toward college, career or both. Built upon choice, and access to advanced educational opportunities, the plan deepens student engagement and provides families and business and civic leaders explicit opportunities to partner with educators to help guide students’ career and college plans, as well as strengthen our local economy. Importantly, our academy structure will prepare our students for the global economy and a society that demands more critical thinking and higher levels of educational achievement. It is a structure that gives our students a competitive advantage, ensuring they graduate with stackable credentials sought after by employers and colleges and universities alike.  Read the High School Redesign Plan and frequently asked questions (pdf.) (En Español) (pdf.) and press release (pdf.) (En Español) (pdf.)

Learn about our theme-based academies!

Effective Fall 2018, Holyoke High sophomores were the first class to participate in Holyoke’s redesigned high school experience featuring four theme-based linked-learning academies (Community and Global Studies; Technology, Engineering and Design; Performing and Media Arts; Medical and Life Sciences) designed to prepare them to acquire 21st-century skills such as thinking, problem-solving, creativity and collaboration.

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High School Redesign Academy Leads:

Performing and Media Arts Academy, and Community and Global Studies Academy – Meghan Harrison

Medical and Life Science Academy, and Technology, Engineering, and Design Academy  – Jake Belanger

Email: academy-design-leads@hps.holyoke.ma.us

Improved Graduation and Dropout Rates

The district’s graduation rate is 69.9%, up 7.8 percentage points from the prior year.  The district’s average dropout rate for the past 10 years has been nearly 10%. Over the last two years, the dropout rate has been almost cut in half, averaging 5.6%.  This reduction means over 100 fewer students per year have dropped out of school.  Read press release.

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