Middle School Redesign

Summit Learning teacher at Peck helping a student during class.

About Middle School Redesign

Middle school students deserve experiences, tailored to their developmental stage, as they progress from elementary school towards high school.  We are enhancing the middle school experience for all middle school students by offering more enrichment programming, designed to strengthen their academic and social-emotional skills and engage them more deeply in school.  Middle school students have more access to extracurricular sports, arts, and music than ever before.


We have also introduced new middle school models.  In fall 2016, we piloted and then expanded Summit Learning at Peck, a personalized learning program based off the Summit Schools model in California.  In fall 2018, we also opened two new middle school options by co-locating with existing schools. Holyoke STEM Academy was a theme selected due to community interest and alignment to the high school linked learning academies, and Veritas Prep Holyoke is modeled after a top-performing school in Springfield.  And, by Fall 2020, our dual language program is expanding to 6th grade and keep on growing!

Proposed Middle School Buildings

We greatly appreciate the citizens of Holyoke who thoughtfully considered the November 2019 ballot question about the proposed middle school buildings.  While the results are disappointing, we will continue to work closely with the Building Committee, MSBA, and the public to explore opportunities to realize the educational vision of the Holyoke Public Schools.  


Given the strong community desire for distinct elementary and middle schools, we are still moving towards an elementary and middle school model.  We will have 5-8 elementary schools and 2-3 middle schools. We will go through a community discussion and process to gather input.


On Tuesday, November 19, 2019, the Holyoke contingent of Mayor Alex Morse, Receiver/ Superintendent Stephen Zrike, Representative Aaron Vega, School Building Committee Chairperson Devin Sheehan, and School Building Committee Member and City Councilor Mike Sullivan met with the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) to discuss next steps following the unsuccessful November 5th vote for a debt exclusion to fund the City of Holyoke’s share of the proposed two new middle school buildings.  We strongly advocated that the MSBA allow Holyoke to explore other options for the middle school buildings project, which would significantly contribute to an improved middle school experience for our students.  Read the press statement that contains more information about this meeting and the next steps in this process.

Additional Resources


Middle School Redesign


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