Middle School Redesign

We are re-imagining the middle school experience and expanding middle school options in the Holyoke Public Schools.  Opening new middle schools is aligned with our vision of a pathway for every student, responds to community input and creates more choice for students and families.    In Fall 2016, we launched the P3 Personal Pathway Program at Peck and in Fall 2018, we are opening the Holyoke STEM Academy and Veritas Prep Holyoke School.  Additionally, to support our move to the middle school model, we have received approval from the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) to begin studying options for constructing one large or two smaller middle schools with the selected designer, Jones Whitsett Architects, of Greenfield, MA.  Read more about the new middle school buildings –  Press release | Masslive News |  Project Manager Pinck & Co.

Here is more information about our middle school options…

Holyoke STEM Academy is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) school, where students engage in hands-on learning, such as coding and robotics, and develop strong problem solving and communication skills.  STEM Academy is a potential pipeline into two of our science-themed linked learning academies at Holyoke High School.

Veritas Prep Holyoke is a college prep middle school, where our close-knit community sets high expectations for all students and provides them with daily tutoring and customized supports.

P3, Personal Pathway Program is a personalized learning program, where every student engages in project-based learning, masters a college and career preparatory curriculum at his/her own pace and is mentored by teachers to develop habits of success

Middle School Options for Out of Zone Students 

Holyoke STEM Academy, Veritas Prep Holyoke, and P3, Personal Pathway Program.

Application (PDF) |  En Español (PDF)

Applications were due May 10th.  We are currently accepting applications on a waiting list.

Learn more about these new options and apply today.

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Middle School Redesign:

Email: MSredesign@hps.holyoke.ma.us

For more information about STEM and Veritas, read the PowerPoint presentation (PDF), Frequently Asked Questions (PDF), Press release,  and family letters – Dean, Donahue, HHS, McMahon, Metcalf, Sullivan  (PDF) | EN White (PDF) | Kelly (PDF) | Morgan (PDF) | Peck (PDF).

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