Strategic Priorities

Holyoke Public Schools’ four strategic priorities (PDF) are essential for the district to achieve its vision of “A Pathway for Every Student.”


The strategic priorities are centered around each school having the resources, support and focus needed to develop and implement a highly effective School Strategic Plan.  All schools have engaged in a rigorous and reflective planning process to develop unique school strategic plans, designed to support students academically, behaviorally and social-emotionally. Our students will graduate prepared to excel in college, career and community leadership.

Within these priorities, we are building on our past efforts and focused on 4 focused and highly impactful initiatives for school year 2019-20:

  • Instructional Leadership
  • Management and Operations
  • Family and Community Engagement
  • Professional Culture

2019-20 Strategic Priorities


GOAL: Dramatically increase reading and math proficiency for all students.

STRATEGY: Strengthen teaching and learning to provide customized supports for students.

MEASURES: Reading and Math achievement, graduation, advanced course work completion and work-based learning.



GOAL: Meet academic, social emotional, and behavioral needs of all students.

STRATEGY: Expand and strengthen innovative, high-interest pathways.

MEASURES: Safe learning environment, culture and native language respected, individualized pathways, and reduced chronic absenteeism.



GOAL: Empower families to work with schools to meet their children’s needs.

STRATEGY: Strengthen two-way communication with families to understand and accelerate their child’s academic, social emotional and behavior progress.

MEASURES: Culturally-proficient communication, and support students’ learning at home.



GOAL: Staff grow and learn to achieve exceptional results for all students.

STRATEGY: Create a culture where educators have an active voice, collaborate, and communicate effectively to ensure the learning and growth of our students.

MEASURES: Teacher retention, staff input, and positive work environment.

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