Mildred Lefebvre
Shopping cart with fruits and vegetables
Layla Barnett smiles while wearing a snowman sweater
Paola Diaz-Adorno wearing Santa hat and making peace sign
HPS mobile app offers news feed and calendar
Calendar page says December 23 with 3 Hours Early Release
HHS Drummers start out the concert in front of the stage
Teddy bear holding a tissue and thermometer, with a medicine bottle nearby
Head and shoulder shots of five math educators
Two hands demonstrating how to drop solution into COVID-19 test kit
Graphic with the words Phase 2 Rezoning Decisions Announced
Phase 1 of Holyoke Public Schools’ rezoning efforts now complete; Phase 2 begins
Holyoke Public Schools’ 2022 MCAS results show mixed progress
Drop off and pick up routes changed for several weeks at Peck and Holyoke Middle School
HPS Receives Updated Square Footage Figures for Donahue, Kelly, and Sullivan
Holyoke Public Schools logo
Rezoning will affect more than half of all HPS students in grades PreK-8
Barr Foundation logo
Our schools will be rezoned: What options do you think would be best? Nuestras escuelas serán cambiadas de zona: ¿Qué opciones cree que serían las mejores?
strategic plan