High School Redesign

HHS OA graduates smile as they participate in their graduation ceremony.


HHS North Redesign Academy Leads:

Bevan Brunelle, Performing and Media Arts Academy
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Kyle Hobson, Community and Global Studies Academy
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Mary Brazeau, Engineering and Life Science Academy
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Holyoke High School Dean

Christopher M. Kelly M.Ed, Career and Technical Education Director
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Holyoke High School Opportunity Academy

Christopher Smidy
School and Community Partnerships Coordinator
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About Holyoke High School Redesign

The Holyoke Public Schools are transforming the high school experience to ensure that every student has a high-quality educational option, with a focus on college and careers for all students. Released in SY16-17, our innovative High School Redesign Plan creates high interest pathways for students that result in a competitive advantage after high school.  The plan was developed by nearly 100 educators, students, community members and national experts with support from the Barr Foundation.

Across the North, Dean, and Opportunity campuses, every pathway:

  • Prepares students for career and college success

  • Has applied learning opportunities in the classroom and the community

  • Is aligned to 21st century education and industry-based standards

  • Provides opportunities for students to earn stackable credentials

At North Campus, students select to participate in one of three theme-based academies (Performing and Media Arts, Community and Global Studies, and Engineering and Life Science).  At Dean Campus, students select one of the nine career, vocational and technical education (CVTE) programs.  At Opportunity Academy, students select between a set of alternative high school pathways that allow them to continue or restart on a pathway to a diploma if they are not succeeding in a traditional high school setting.

You may review our original plan to the left.  Please note that as we have revised aspects of the plan throughout implementation, as we learn together how to make this redesign plan fit the needs and interests of our students and staff.

Improved Graduation and Dropout Rates

Our graduation rate continues to increase, most recently to 74.9%. In the last seven years, we have seen a 32.2 point increase in graduation rates for students who are English learners (EL) (67.7% in 2022) and 28.6 point increase for students with disabilities (SWD) (60.7% in 2022).