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Nothing from January 17, 2017 to February 17, 2017.

Resources: Water Testing Results Copper-in-school-drinking-water-faq Lead-in-school-drinking-water-faqA Pathway for Every Student

A Pathway for Every Student

As a part of our continued efforts to improve the district and its brand, we developed a new logo and tagline.


new laptops purchased for students


percentage point increase in English Language Arts proficiency


increase in Dual Enrollment

Holyoke Public Schools has been awarded $46,300 through the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s competitive EPIC Partnership Innovation Grant. The grant is designed to improve the recruitment, development, and placement of high quality teachers in K-12 employment. This funding will support collaborative work between HPS, the UMass College of Education and Teach Western Mass to create a pipeline for talented undergraduate students, particularly those from backgrounds mirroring HPS students, into hard-to-staff positions such as STEM, through early experience with and exposure to teaching opportunities in HPS. ...

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The Holyoke Public Schools are closed today in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King, a champion of public education with a keen focus on teaching “one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.” ...

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Holyoke Public Schools has been awarded $46,300 through the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s... https://t.co/07UuKvjOys
On MLK Day let us not forget what he said about the purpose of education- "Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of education."
The Greater Holyoke Council for Human Understanding held their annual Martin Luther King Junior Commemorative... https://t.co/ytY7Ft1JEG
The Holyoke Public Schools are closed today in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King, a champion of public... https://t.co/XdOyAu6Y6p
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Enrichment for Every Student

HPS is taking learning outside the classroom. Thanks to partnerships with many local and national organizations we have doubled enrichment opportunities each week to engage and inspire students. The full school day in our elementary and middle schools provides expanded opportunities for students to explore their interests in the sciences, the arts, sports, and local and world cultures

student typing at computer

Access to Technology

Today’s students are tomorrow’s engineers, scientists, researchers and programmers. Through new technology and online programs, we’re connecting students with the opportunities that await them beyond high school. This summer, in partnership with MIT and NASA, HPS middle school students learned to program their own SPHERES- miniature satellites located inside the International Space Station.

At HPS, we know that students do best when they pursue their passions and are trusted to pick their pathway.

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Improved High School Experience for All

HPS’ redesigned high school experience focuses on providing real-world learning opportunities for every student. We’ve quadrupled the number of college courses HPS high school students can access on and off campus through partnerships with HCC, Westfield State and UMass.

9th grade students have the opportunity to explore a range of college and career pathways. In 10th-12th grade, students focus on their interests and develop plans for success beyond HPS. We welcome and support overaged and under credited students back to school with new pathways to the diploma.

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Expansion of Choice Programs

At HPS, we understand that each student has different strengths and interests. We’ve expanded choice programs, including dual language immersion, the health sciences, and P3, a personalized learning program for middle school students at Peck; to ensure that every student has a chance to explore their interests. Free Preschool programs are now in every neighborhood school and boast family friendly scheduling options

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High Quality Teaching and Learning

We’ve invested in recruiting and retaining top quality educators who inspire bold thinking, recognize student potential, and encourage all students to work towards their goals. The full school day increases time for teacher planning and development. New curriculum materials in math and ELA along with a laptop for each teacher will support engaging instruction.