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HPS uses the Panorama Culture and Climate survey tool to gather feedback from our students, staff, and families.

The Fall 2023 survey is now closed!

Thank you to everyone who completed the Fall 2023 Panorama Culture and Climate Survey. We administer this survey each year so we can measure how our stakeholders are feeling about our district’s culture and climate and gather crucial insights that will guide our efforts in continuing to improve our schools and our district as a whole. Your feedback will help us continue to make strides, so Holyoke families see HPS as their first choice for their children’s education. 

We will post findings from the Fall 2023 Panorama survey soon.

What we learned from the Spring 2023 survey:

For the Spring 2023 survey, 743 families provided feedback. In addition, 69% of our students took the survey, as did 76% of our staff. Visit the Panorama website and choose the Holyoke icon to view district results, or click on the Schools icon to view individual school results.

The survey results highlighted the work our school leaders have done to invest in their schools, with teachers and staff reporting more effective communication, data-driven decision making, and leadership showing responsiveness to feedback. Across student surveys, most feedback areas showed slight decreases in positive responses, while family surveys indicated an increase in family engagement. 

In 2023, we were encouraged by:

  • Strong student/adult relationships, with students reporting that there are adults at school with whom they can go for help;

  • Teachers and staff reporting school leaders communicate a clear vision for their school;

  • Strong sense of community, with families and staff reporting their families are welcomed into school; and

  • Families reporting that HPS is living up to its commitment to build anti-racist, inclusive, and culturally responsive schools.

In 2023, we also saw room for improvement in a number of areas, including:

  • Ensuring supports are in place to address social-emotional needs;

  • Increasing culturally responsive teaching and increasing the use of educational materials that reflect the cultural backgrounds of our students;

  • Developing more opportunities for student voices to be heard in grades 6-12; and

  • Ensuring academic supports for students are available and easily accessible.

Thank you for your continued engagement. Please know that surveys are just one way we collect feedback. Please reach out to us with questions and suggestions throughout the year.