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Culture and Climate Surveys

HPS uses the Panorama Culture and Climate survey tool to gather feedback from our students, staff, and families.

Thank you to everyone who completed the 2022 Panorama Culture and Climate Survey. We administer this survey each spring so we can measure how our stakeholders are feeling about our district’s culture and climate and to gather crucial insights that will guide our efforts in continuing to improve our schools and our district as a whole.

For the 2022 survey, 1,220 families provided feedback. In addition, 70% of our students took the survey, as did 78% of our staff. Visit the Panorama website and choose the Holyoke icon to view district results, or click on the Schools icon to view individual school results.

This year’s survey results highlight the impact COVID-19 has had on our students, teachers, and staff. Across all survey results, most categories declined in favorability. While family results remained fairly steady compared to past years, students report overall improved relationships over the past several years, now that they are no longer learning remotely. 

In 2022, we are encouraged by:

  • Stronger relationship building, in all grades, with more students feeling connected to, encouraged, and supported by adults at school;

  • Students reporting higher levels of resilience, with moderate gains in reports of feeling like they are able to persist with their goals and to try again in the face of failure;

  • Teachers reporting showing respect for all students’ cultural beliefs and practices;

  • Families and staff reporting that they believe their school sets high expectations for success and explores all options for making sure students succeed; and

  • Families feeling welcomed at their children’s school. 

In 2022, we also see room for improvement in a number of areas, including:

  • Ensuring supports are in place to address socio-emotional needs;

  • Increasing culturally responsive teaching and increasing educational materials that reflect the cultural backgrounds of our students;

  • Aligning feedback from professional development sessions with Panorama results in order to ensure these trainings reflect the needs of staff;

  • Affirming a positive environment for both students and staff; and

  • Identifying how to increase family satisfaction given the long-standing stagnation in results.

Thank you for your continued engagement and please know that surveys are just one way we collect feedback. Please reach out to us with questions and suggestions throughout the year. We look forward to releasing a strategic plan in June 2022 that builds on our strengths and addresses these areas for improvement.