ABOUT OUr School

What We Offer

Sullivan Middle School serves around 530 students in grades 6-8 and provides a rigorous curriculum to all students with the expectation that all of our students can succeed and thrive in their classrooms. Our school is the home for middle school Dual Language students and also the home for students in SHINE and the TIP program.

Our Values

Sullivan Middle School shares the same core values as all other Holyoke schools, which reflect the key qualities in the district's Profile of a Learner that spell out REACH as an acronym: Reach and persist Embrace empathy and kindness Apply critical thinking Communicate effectively Help ourselves and others.

Our Supports

We believe students who receive services via IEPs and students who are English learners bring tremendous assets to their education. Our goal is to see and honor those assets while providing support in an inclusive environment.

Mission And Vision

In our first year as a middle school, we will work with family members, students, and staff to develop a mission and vision that conveys our shared commitment to the success of the students we serve.